31 Stunning Boho Bathroom Decor Ideas

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There are plenty of avenues to head down with boho-inspired bathroom ideas! I have everything here for you today, for both minimalists and maximalists.

There are thirty-one boho bathroom decor ideas for you today. They do vary in price and complexity, but you can always take the inspirtation from it and adapt it to your needs.

I hope you enjoy these ideas as much as I do! With that, on to the post!

boho bathroom ideas

1. Rich Colors

rich colors

Source: @andreaschumacherinteriors

Starting with the color scheme, opt for colors that have a warming tone to them, whether it’s tan or a deep green. Colors work well as a repeating color throughout your bathroom or having a monochrome look.

2. Wooden Accents

wooden accents

Source: @homemargoworld

The bohemian look is synonymous with light woods and a great way to add small but poignant accents. Grab a small wooden bench like this to add warmth, comfort, and functionality to your space!

3. Patterned Floor

patterned floor

Source: @natureinspiredhomes

While the style has taken a more minimal approach in popular culture, a splash of pattern makes any boho space more exciting. A place like the floor is a great way to add something more complex to a calming and plain space.

4. Lighting Fixtures

Lighting Fixtures

Source: @witchs.hearth

A great way to elevate a space without doing anything too dramatic is by finding a fixture that is easily added. It’s great for any room of your space but it really makes a statement in the bathroom.

5. Contrasting but Coordinating Floor and Walls

Contrasting but Coordinating Floor and Walls

Source: @beckiowens

The boho style of having things a little mixed and matched is one of the best looking, in my opinion. It keeps a space interesting and unique while keeping everything cohesive in the spontaneity.

6. Minimal but Unique Fixtures

Minimal but Unique Fixtures

Source: @thistimeincolour

Pops of fixtures can make or break the feel of a space. Planning pieces that coordinate together makes the whole process easier.

Bonus for unique items like this mirror and this towel holder pairing together.

7. Hanging Lights

Hanging Lights

Source: @homemilk

For those that have an odd-shaped bathroom and either only have one or need an extra light, consider stringing a light into the space. Be careful and do your homework if you’re trying to add one yourself.

8. Plants


Source: @inmydomaine

The easiest way to add a boho vibe to your bathroom is by adding plants! Whether it’s one or as much as you can, the space will transform into a cozier and chiller place immediately.

For more inspiration on your Boho décor, check out these Boho living room ideas!

9. Natural or Tiled Sink Bowls

Natural or Tiled Sink Bowls

Source: @theexpert

A part of the bohemian style that is unmistakable is the individuality you bring to the space. Great elevated sink bowls like this one are great options to build a whole bathroom around.

Whether it’s plain or ornately tiled, it’ll be the star of the show.

10. A Place to Sit

A Place to Sit

Source: @heidicaillierdesign

This idea may not apply to every bathroom out there, but if you have the space to add a chair or other small piece of furniture, do it! It’s a great place to display a striking piece–just make sure it’s treated so it isn’t affected by moisture.

11. Funky Mirror

funky mirror

Source: @akindofhome

Statement pieces like a raised sink, colors, etc., are great ways to build a bathroom. Another unmistakable option to make a statement is a mirror.

Anything vintage, unique, or one-of-a-kind works well.

12. Multiple Mirrors

Multiple Mirrors

Source: @thehexagonalhouse

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book, but we stick with what works! By adding some extra mirrors in key places, you can create a lighter feeling space, figuratively and literally.

Add them with some plants to create the illusion that there are more plants than there actually are.

13. Specific Printed Tile or Wallpaper

Specific Printed Tile or Wallpaper

Source: @houseandgardenuk

An identifiable print on your walls can create a wonderful coziness that becomes identifiable with your home. My great-aunt had this great printed wallpaper when I was a kid, and I still think about it today.

14. Wall Art

wall art

Source: @lgw.designs

If you don’t want to commit to a printed wall, grab some stuff to hang on the walls! An eclectic mix can produce a similar feeling to the previous idea.

My Grandma had a unique blend of items on the wall and it’s the only other bathroom I still think about from childhood.

15. Fresh Blooms and Candles

 Fresh Blooms and Candles

Source: @thespruceofficial

Candles and fresh-cut flowers are never a bad idea in any part of your home. It’s a great way to add something a little different to your bathroom on a regular basis.

I love these candles! They have so many different options.

16. Sink Curtain

Sink Curtain

Source: @peas.in.my.pod

For those that have small bathrooms! A curtain around a minimal sink is a great way to add warmth while adding all the random bits and bobs you may have around without a classic storage situation.

Renter-friendly options are out there, too!

17. Curtains or Privacy Shades

Curtains or Privacy Shades

Source: @georgiewykehamdesigns

It’s natural, regardless of the style of the bathroom, you have to create a little privacy! Anything from a Roman curtain like this to a simple blind or an oversized plant.

18. Shiplap with Small Shelf

Shiplap with Small Shelf

Source: @themaximalistdreamer

Shiplap is one of the easiest mid-size projects that can completely transform a space. The way to give this idea a boho nod is to add some color to it or have unique features cut into it (hand towel sconce, random nooks, etc.).

19. Closet Units and Hanging Apparatus

 Closet Units and Hanging Apparatus

Source: @happynestinthetropics

Storage, both temporary and long-term, are important parts of figuring out how to organize your bathroom. Either way, being intentional for storage can be done up to aid in the style of the overall style of the bathroom.

20. Side Tub Table

Side Tub Table

Source: @letsby.avenue

If you are lucky enough to have a bath in your space and take baths regularly, a side table is a great idea. It’s nice to have, in addition to a tray for the items you’d prefer to stay entirely away from the tub if you don’t have hands on it.

21. Natural Fibers or Materials

 Natural Fibers or Materials

Source: @charlottelilford

Textures and patterns are great ways to enhance any boho bathroom! Anything from pendant lights to hampers with a specific material will help make the space pop.

I love these small bins for anything.

22. Vintage Touches

vintage touches

Source: @myvictorianhouselove

Vintage touches with funkier and natural looks put a refreshing spin on boho-styled interiors. From the ceiling trim to the wooden lid on the toilet, the sprinkles of vintage are seamlessly apart of the scene.

23. Macrame Additions

Macrame Additions

Source: @maviefeitoamao

One of the easiest textiles to add to a boho bathroom is macrame! If you’ve been here a while, you know how much I love it; it’s an endlessly versatile and fun addition to any space.

Check out more boho wall hangings here.

24. Natural Theme

Natural Theme

Source: @macrameinterior

If you are looking for a minimal, nature-loving, bohemian-styled bathroom, this idea is for you. Between the stone, macrame, and wood components, do you need much more–maybe just a plant!

25. Rugs


Source: @lxhome_decor

The right rug can pull any styled room to another level. For boho-inspired rooms, stick with something textured, patterned, or a combination of both, depending on the styling choices.

The really important part is to make sure that the rug fits properly, so do your homework!

26. Dried Plants

dried plants

Source: @thewhiteshome_

For those who want some greenery or nature in their bathrooms but know they won’t be successful with plants, grab some dried alternatives. Dried options can be more sustainable and obviously way less maintenance.

27. Shower Curtains

shower curtains

Source: @rachelkathleenhome

This idea is great for anyone who has a tub that has a curtain rod. Believe it or not, investing in a nice shower curtain in the style you like can easily elevate your space without doing anything major.

Thrift stores are great places to find some unique options if you are on a budget or need help finding something current that matches.

28. Wooden Shower Curtain Rod

Wooden Shower Curtain Rod

Source: @docereinodemariaantonieta

As I mentioned, the small swaps, including the tub accessories, can remake a space with little investment. An alternative or natural-looking curtain rod for the shower can bring a real softness to your space–matching towel rods don’t hurt either!

29. Elevated Towels

Elevated Towels

Source: @noemi_beres_

Common bath towels can become a bit drab in specifically styled spaces. An alternative like Turkish beach towels, linen towels, or even a unique waffle-print bath towel can help round out your bathroom’s look.

30. Eclectic Accessories

Eclectic Accessories

Source: @noemi_beres_

If you’re a maximalist, the more eclectic intentionality you have, the better. Take inspiration from anywhere and everything from small dressers to large art prints is fair game!

I suggest making a board on Pinterest and after having collected images, see what elements are recurring throughout. Start there!

31. Decorated Ceramic Toilet/Sink

 Decorated Ceramic Toilet/Sink

Source: @priyankapmehra

For the statement makers, this decorated toilet and sink combination takes the cake! It’s a great way to build off of either item.

If you go bold with these pieces, you can still go bold with the rest, but make sure it compliments the centerpieces to make them manageable.

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