31 Ways to Organize Everything with Cheap Baskets

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Storage baskets are a go-to organizing solution in my house. Don’t you love how versatile they are?

You can truly use them in any space within your home. If you need some inspiration for how to use storage baskets, keep on reading!

Below are some of the best ways to organize items throughout your home using inexpensive baskets.

Ways to Organize everything with Cheap Baskets

1. Wicker Baskets for Mudroom Organization

Wicker Baskets for Mudroom Organization

Source: @kasiaizabella

Shoes, bags, umbrellas, and other daily items tend to pile up in mudrooms. A few cute rattan baskets can save the day!

These ones are so pretty and come in a few different sizes. Choose the best option for your space!

2. Bathroom Supply Storage

 Bathroom Supply Storage

Source: @thriftedhazelhouse

I always feel like my bathroom doesn’t have enough storage space. If you feel the same way, consider adding a few pretty baskets to stash your daily grooming items.

I use them for my hair tools, skincare products, and extra soap. As a bonus, they spruce the place up!

Find more bathroom storage hacks here.

3. Sewing Basket

sewing basket

Source: blogspot.com

What a cute new life for an inexpensive sponge caddy! I love how the wire basket makes such a perfect thread dispenser.

You could also use sponge caddies to store car snacks, car chargers, or kid’s toys for long car rides.

4. Linen Closet Storage

linen closet storage

Source: @thecozyfarmhouse

Linen closets can get so messy. But storage baskets of various sizes will help you store all your essentials.

Whether you are looking for a place to stash towels, washcloths, hair and skincare products, or other essentials, baskets are the perfect place.

5. Laundry Room Organization

laundry room organization

Source: @oldrectonewoldrec

This laundry room is so visually pleasing, don’t you think? I love how interesting it is with beautiful woven baskets of different styles, colors, and shapes.

If you are looking to add round baskets to your laundry room, these are my favorites!

6. Pantry Baskets

pantry baskets

Source: @k.estudio__

Have you ever considered using baskets in your pantry? They add so much style and functionality.

I use these wire baskets to organize food and they work great!

 7. Baking Supplies

baking supplies

Source: @azhouseoforder

If you are an avid baker like me, you probably have a lot of baking staples to make yummy, sweet treats! Unfortunately, these can quickly take up too much space.

Storing them neatly in a pretty basket helps keep everything arranged nicely. You will have everything at your fingertips the next time you get a craving for a cookie, brownie, or cake.

8. Hat Organization

hat organization

Source: @neatmethod

I don’t have a huge hat collection, but my husband loves his baseball caps! I must admit that it can be frustrating to find them stashed haphazardly in the closet.

Designating a basket for caps and hats is a simple, yet effective solution.

9. Produce Storage

produce storage

Source: prettyhandygirl.com

Fruits and veggies are must-have snacks and ingredients in my house! If you are the same way, you might be struggling with storage.

Wire baskets are great because you can easily see what’s inside. A stackable set like this is a great space-saving option!

10. Stackable Pantry Storage

stackable pantry storage

Source: @the_happy_organiser

Here are more visuals of how good stackable baskets look, especially in a pantry. I love the idea of using stackable bamboo baskets.

These ones would look amazing in your pantry! Find more pantry organization ideas!

11. Sewing Tool Organization

Sewing Tool Organization

Source: gluesticksblog.com

If you like sewing, you could probably make this super cute basket in no time at all! You can use it for anything, but it would be a great place to store your sewing essentials.

12. Boot Room Storage

boot room storage

Source: @sixatno.5

Keeping a boot room, laundry room, or foyer organized can be hard. Use baskets to make sure that everything has its designated space.

You can use baskets of any kind. I like rattan baskets and other woven styles.

13. Utility Room Storage

utility room storage

Source: @thebasketcompany

If you are like me, your utility room is one of the first places you stash extra clutter. I love the look of the baskets in this space.

They add beauty and are super useful to store everyday items.

14. Playroom Organization

playroom organization

Source: @caryprinceorganizing

Just like your child’s imagination, the potential for basket usage in a playroom is endless! You can use any type of basket that you and your child want to hide away toys, books, stuffies, and more.

15. Food Storage

food storage

Source: @47parkside

Baskets are essential for food storage. Whether you are using them in a pantry, cabinet, or garage, labels are a great way to add extra organization.

If you are looking for a good label maker, this one is awesome!

16. Pillow Storage

pillow storage

Source: @roombyroomdublin

I had never thought to stash extra pillows inside a pretty basket! What a great idea.

I might add some pillow baskets to my own room and my guest room. These ones are spacious and come in beautiful colors!

17. Spa Set-Up

spa set up

Source: @myvintage_obsession

If you love a relaxing bath, shower, or at-home facial, a spa basket is a must-have! I am going to add bubble bath, bath salts, a good book, and some soothing candles to mine!

18. Kids Clothes

kids clothes

Source: @jkdec_or

Keeping track of tiny clothes is hard. My kids’ closets became so much neater when I started using baskets for their things.

You can sort their clothes by type. I have a basket for pants, another for shirts, another for socks, another for swimwear, etc.

I promise that laundry day will be a lot easier with a basket system for little clothes. These ones would look great in any closet.

19. Decorative Storage Baskets

decorative storage baskets

Source: inmyownstyle.com

You don’t have to spend a ton of cash to have pretty storage solutions! This tutorial will help you transform handled baskets into beautiful and functional organizers.

20. Plant Holders

plant holders

Source: my100yearoldhome.com

I love the fresh vibe that beautiful plants and flowers add to my space. I had never thought to use baskets as plant holders, though.

Don’t you think these plant holder baskets add so much charm and beauty?

21. Book Storage

book storage

Source: thesimplyorganizedhome.com

Do you have lots of books, notebooks, journals, and file folders? You can make a few pretty baskets to keep them organized and to inspire you as you work, read, or write.

You will need jute to make these baskets. This one is a good value buy!

22. Stair Baskets

stair baskets

Source: blogspot.com

Do you feel like you are constantly after your kiddos to bring their stuff upstairs? These stair baskets are such a great idea!

I love how adorable the little labels look. Those bows are the perfect finishing touch!

23. Mail Baskets

mail baskets

Source: remodelaholic.com

Do you have piles of mail stashed in a junk drawer at your house? I totally understand!

This mail organizer system is an amazing fix! You can make your own with some wire baskets, spray paint, and cute mini chalkboard signs like this.

24. Wall Shelves

wall shelves

Source: thekimsixfix.com

I had never thought about using baskets as shelves. These make for pretty wall décor and add so much storage.

25. Kitchen Storage

kitchen storage

Source: @kelly.scott.at.home

I love this kitchen basket set up! Don’t you think it is so beautiful?

I adore how the colors of the baskets complement the aesthetic of the space. You can use baskets like this to store kitchen essentials.

I would probably use a basket for tea bags. It would also be awesome to have a snack basket in the kitchen for the kids with granola bars.

26. Kitchen Island Storage

kitchen island storage

Source: goldenboysandme.com

What a great, simple, and space-saving way to add storage directly on your kitchen island! You can store day-to-day items here.

I would always have wash cloths, dish rags, and maybe a couple of my favorite cookbooks in there. This looks nice and keeps everything tidy.

27. Side Table

side table

Source: inmyownstyle.com

This beautiful side table was repurposed from a wicker basket. I would have never thought of doing this.

What a creative and budget-friendly idea! If you want to make this, you will need a large basket, of course.

You will also need to find a round top to complete the table. This one is available in a variety of sizes and you can stain it any color you want.

28. Quilting Organization

quilting organization

Source: @gigis_thimble

Do you have a lot of quilting supplies and quilting cotton to keep organized? Just add a large basket to your space!

This is a simple storage solution. If you add colorful fabric as shown in the picture, it will add organization and brightness to your space!

29. Yarn Storage

yarn storage

Source: instructables.com

I have so much yarn and love to have skeins for my current project easily accessible in my crafting space. This detailed tutorial will show you how to make your own cute yarn basket.

The good thing about this is that you can customize the size. Be sure to select a sturdy fabric for the outer portion of the basket.

Find more ways to organize on a budget here!

30. Living Room/Board Game Storage

living room board game storage

Source: boldlyrise.com

My kids love to play board games. And if I’m being honest, I do too!

The problem is that between all their other toys, we really don’t have enough closet space for their growing collection. Luckily, a pretty storage basket is a quick fix.

I like the idea of hiding the contents of the basket with a nice blanket. I love having blankets easily accessible in my living space and they are a perfect way to conceal things.

31. Accessory Holder

accessory holder

Source: remodelaholic.com

Your daily accessories might seem small, but they can quickly create lots of clutter. Having a catch-all type basket for these little items is essential.

I love how easy this one is to make. The tutorial gives excellent instructions.

I also like that it gives new life to an old cardboard box. You will need twine for this project like this.

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