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31 Walk-In Shower Ideas to Transform Your Bathroom

Ready to work on your bathroom and need some very much-needed inspiration? These walk-in shower ideas are just for that!

Walk-in showers are all you need to make your ordinary bathroom look extraordinary. walk-in showers aren’t only luxurious, but they are also very practical.

Many people aren’t aware of the many ways you can style a walk-in shower. If you are one of them and are looking for ideas to upgrade your bathroom with a walk-in shower, here are some brilliant ideas.

walk in shower ideas

1. Marble Tile

Marble Tile

Marble adds luxury to any space. In a bathroom, you can achieve the most sophisticated look by incorporating marble with your walk-in shower.

Moreover, marble is easier to clean and maintain than tiles. Marble incorporated with glass walls gives the illusion of airy and spaciousness even if you have a small bathroom.

2. Modern Glass

Modern Glass

An all-glass walk-in closet looks like something out of a movie. It’s clean and clutter-free. A barrier-free glass walk-showers are trending at the moment.

Most people prefer all-glass showers as they are more traditional. However, they are hard to maintain as you’d need to clean the glass every day to get rid of water stains.

3. Rectangular


One can go for a double-door rectangle walk-in shower for a more luxurious look. With such a vast space to play with, you can install multiple showerheads and have a power shower.

Jets of steaming hot water coming from all sides is easily achievable in a rectangle walk-in shower.

4. Bright


An all-white shower walk-in shower with natural and indoor lighting can really brighten up all kinds of bathrooms, even the smallest ones.

Many prefer white tiles in their bathroom for this purpose only. White reflects light like no other color, making small spaces look bigger and brighter.

5. White Interior

White Interior

All white bathroom fixtures are classic. You can’t beat an all-white bathroom. Pair your all-white bathroom with a clear glass walk-in shower to enhance its beauty even more.

To add a dash of color or accent, have some green plants hanging from the walls or ceiling. If you aren’t sure about the plants, you can get vibrant blue or dull grey towels to complement your all-white bathroom.

6. Blue Interior

Blue Interior

A blue interior is pretty conventional, but if done right with the right combination of supporting colors, you can really pull it off. The light in a blue bathroom also matters a lot.

Blue is bold and striking, pair it with white, and you will have a five-star worthy bathroom that you will have a hard time coming out of.

7. White and Red

White and Red

Nothing makes a statement like the color red. However, a pure red bathroom will look ghastly, so make sure you pair it with a neutral color like white.

Also, choose your red carefully. Have a soft red that blends seamlessly into the white of your bathroom to give you a luxurious walk-in shower interior.

8. Orange Tile

Orange Tile

When it comes to redecorating a bathroom, orange is a hard color to master. However, you can still ace it if you go for dusk orange tiles and compliment it with a grey paneled walk-in shower and grey walls.

The combination will look great, and it will also give you a chance to get a couple of white accessories to finish off the look.

9. White Wooden Minimalistic

White Wooden Minimalistic

Nowadays, another word for luxury is minimalist. If you want to go for an easy to maintain and clean bathroom, we suggest you take a minimalist approach.

A white bathroom supported with a wooden interior looks nothing short of a piece from heaven. You can also add a bit of Scandinavian touch to your bathroom by adding a big clay pot just outside your shower door.

10. Frameless


A frameless walk-in shower that blends seamlessly with the bathroom walls is a dream. This type of walk-in shower is not only beautiful but is also pretty easy to decorate.

All you need are black bathroom fixtures, some dark-colored bathroom accessories, and bright lighting.

11. Pink and White

Pink and White

Pink may feel feminine, but pink is the color for all if you use the right color tone.

Blush pink or matte deep pink tiles with a tub to complement your glass walk-in shower are all you need to make your bathroom look a million dollars.

12. Luxury Wooden

Luxury Wooden

Wood is timeless; you can never go wrong with wood as it gives the perfect illusion of extravagance and indulgence.

A wooden interior completed with either black or white shower will make your bathroom look well balanced.

13. Black and Grey Wood

Black and Grey Wood

Black is the color of style and class, pair it with grey, and you have a winning combination in your hand. Both colors are meant to add style and chic to your bathroom.

You can either choose black panels or go with cream-colored panels for your walk-in to make it look stunning against the grey background.

14. Corner Glass

Corner Glass

The tucked-in-the-corner luxury, a corner glass shower is ideal for small bathrooms where space is scarce.

You can either get an encircled glass shower or buy the whole unit that comes furnished with shower fixtures. Either way, it’s perfect for small bathrooms.

15. Luxury Modern

Luxury Modern

Luxury is another name for wide and open bathrooms with space enough to fit a big tub, shower cabinet, and a double sink. You can turn this luxury into modern luxury by adding a monochrome touch.

With black panels and shower fixtures against a stark white bathroom, you can create a contemporary bathroom.

16. Blue and White Tile

Blue and White Tile

Blue is the most used and natural color for the bathrooms. For a walk-in shower, you can choose pastel blue with white if you have limited space.

The blue and white tiles work best if you have a big window that sheds natural light in the bathroom to make it look more airy and big.

17. Long Walk In

Long Walk In

Walk-in showers are ideal for the elderly in the house. As walk-ins have no curb, they are perfect for seniors. Moreover, long walk-in showers have good space. You can add bars and handles without cramping the style.

Long walk-in showers can also have a bench to sit and relax while having a long shower. With a long walk-in shower, you can get a lot more creative.

18. Half Glass

Half Glass

You don’t have to get a full-glass cabin to have your walk-n shower. A simple half-glass will also suffice.

With a half-glass, you can easily separate your shower side from the rest of the bathroom. A half-glass walk-in shower can be installed in both small and big bathrooms.

19. Fully Tiled

Fully Tiled

Tiled from top to bottom, if you are thinking of such a style, you won’t even need a glass to separate your shower area.

The tiles will be enough to indicate the separation and maintain the balance. Apart from that, a fully tiled shower area is easy to clean and maintain.

20. Wooden Walls

Wooden Walls

Wooden walls are classic and luxurious, yes, you do need to spend a bit on maintaining their beauty, but nonetheless, they add the perfect whoomp factor to the bathroom. 

Use all white or black fixtures to compliment the wooden interior and also install ample light so that every corner looks fresh and bright.

21. Patterned Tiles

Patterned Tiles

Patterns are predictable. They make even the smallest bathrooms look well-balanced and well-coordinated.

If you want a widened illusion, use Horizontal lines as your pattern. Such patterns add the illusion of extra space when there is none.

22. Screened Shower

Screened Shower

If you like a modest approach, go for a screened shower. However, screened showers aren’t for small bathrooms, so be mindful of the space you have.

Moreover, you can color-coordinate your shower panels with the bathroom tiles to seamlessly blend your shower screen.

In need of more inspiration? Check out these Dollar Store bathroom hacks!

23. Spacious


Oversized bathrooms are the coolest. However, you need to have a particular design to make the bathroom look exceptional.

For a big bathroom, double sinks and a good-sized and framed walk-in shower are ideal. Confused about the color of the bathroom, we suggest using white tiles with warm lighting fixtures.

24. Bright Room with Candles

Bright Room with Candles

How you use your lighting is crucial when upscaling a bathroom. Lights under the bathtub as well as around the walk-in shower can brighten up the space.

To enhance the brightness of the closed space, choose light-colored tiles and bathroom fixtures. You can even choose a wood interior to get the desired look.

Need something on a budget? Check out these IKEA bathroom ideas.

25. Futuristic


We suggest a futuristic design for an exceptional bathroom that is one in a million—a glass sink with concealed mirror and a tucked-in-the-corner toilet.

A beautiful yet crisp walk-in shower that takes more than half of the bathroom to complement this. It is parted in the middle glass frame, with the showerhead concealed in the frame of the shower cabin—a truly majestic and futuristic design.

26. Modern Interior

Modern Interior

If you aren’t a fan of traditional and old-school designs, we have the perfect contemporary look for your bathroom. The tiles are refreshing and uniquely colored with white fixtures.

Feast your eyes on this rectangle mirror, with dual sinks and a jacuzzi to die for. The walk-in shower is curved to complement the design of the bathroom.

27. Mosaic Tiled

Mosaic Tiled

Adding mosaic tiles to your shower area keeps it separate from the whole bathroom without much effort. If you aren’t keen on a framed walk-in shower, this is a great idea.

Mosaic tiles are traditional, and they add an old-school charm to the bathroom.

28. Mocha Interior

Mocha Interior

Mocha is a beautiful color; it’s soothing and classy. For the mocha interior, you need to be mindful of your tiles, as well as your bathroom cabinets. Moreover, to enhance the color a bit more, you will need to install warm lighting.

Now light up a coffee-scented candle and enjoy your shower in your mocha heaven.

29. Large Glass

Large Glass

Large is luxury. Install a big white tub and a complementing huge glass walk-in shower with double doors. Such a bathroom needs nothing but color coordination and fixtures that blend in nicely.

30. Master Shower

Master Shower

Like a master bedroom, a master shower is no less than a dream. You can make this dream come true by incorporating a massive shower cabinet adjoined by a jacuzzi. The rest is in the details.

If you are looking for a luxurious look, keep the color tone light and add golden furnishing, handles, and knobs. Don’t forget to have a beautiful display of fluffy towels as well as some scented candles.

31. Black Hardware

Black Hardware

Imagine a stark white bathroom with black hardware to balance out the brightness. Isn’t that a cool combination? A monochrome bathroom with less black and more white is a serene design that speaks volumes about the designer’s taste.

Bathrooms are places of solitude. It’s once a place you can relax and unwind without an audience. Hence most people like to spend thousands on their bathrooms. Walk-in showers are a must, even if you have limited space. The next time you are working on your bathroom design, make sure you give the above-mentioned ideas a once-over.

Yield: 4

31 Walk-In Shower Ideas to Transform Your Bathroom

Prep Time 10 minutes
Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes


  • 1. Marble Tile
  • 2. Modern Glass
  • 3. Rectangular
  • 4. Bright
  • 5. White Interior
  • 6. Blue Interior
  • 7. White and Red
  • 8. Orange Tile
  • 9. White Wooden Minimalistic
  • 10. Frameless
  • 11. Pink and White
  • 12. Luxury Wooden
  • 13. Black and Grey Wood
  • 14. Corner Glass
  • 15. Luxury Modern
  • 16. Blue and White Tile
  • 17. Long Walk In
  • 18. Half Glass
  • 19. Fully Tiled
  • 20. Wooden Walls
  • 21. Patterned Tiles
  • 22. Screened Shower
  • 23. Spacious
  • 24. Bright Room with Candles
  • 25. Futuristic
  • 26. Modern Interior
  • 27. Mosaic Tiled
  • 28. Mocha Interior
  • 29. Large Glass
  • 30. Master Shower
  • 31. Black Hardware
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