31 Hilarious Prank Call Ideas

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Grab your family members or a close friend and have fun playing practical jokes with this list of funny prank call ideas, just make sure you don’t have caller id!

Prank calls are hilarious, and if they don’t spin out of control, they are also harmless. What’s wrong with a little fun?

Prank calls are also pretty common around Holidays like Halloween and April Fool’s day. Most people don’t get trapped on the receiving end of a prank call as they expect to get a prank around these occasions.

However, if you’re looking for some fresh prank ideas to mess with your friends and family or complete strangers, here are some cool inspirations to start with.

prank call ideas

1. Fake a Food Delivery

Fake a Food Delivery

Take out the phone book, pick a number at random and inquire about your Pizza. You can also call a burger or taco place to ask for Pizza Hut. Just make sure they don’t serve Pizza, or it will kill the prank.

You can also get fake mad at the pizza place for not locating your order and not telling you when your food will get there.

2. Fake Carpenter Prank

Fake Carpenter Prank

Imagine getting a call from some random guy telling you that your furniture is ready and will reach your place in 15 to 20 minutes and that you should keep the payment ready.

A hefty amount, a ton of furniture, what will you do? The receiver will have a fright. Keep telling them the order number and a fake name of the person and that they will have to pay no matter what.

3. You’ve Won!

You've Won!

A lottery, a free dinner, free tickets to their favorite band, or a Car! No matter what you decide on, You have Won! It is a brilliant prank to play on someone.

Take it a notch further, take as many details as you can from the person you are calling, and later give them the bad news and hang up saying you have the wrong person; sorry. Needless to say, the person on the other end will be fuming the whole day.

4. Your Package needs to be signed

Your Package needs to be signed

Call a person you know the address of, and tell them you are standing outside their door with a Raw Fish Package that needs to be signed. Also, tell them an insane amount that they need to pay.

When you hear them open the door, hang up. You can call back in an hour or so to tell them it was a prank and laugh at how silly you all are.

5. Random survey

Random survey

The random survey prank is a classic. All you need to do is call a random person and ask them if they would like to take a quick, interesting survey. To make it seem legit, add a fake company name and promise a coupon for completing the fake survey calls.

Once they agree, start with typical questions, and after 2 or 3 questions, start asking the weirdest things and stupid questions you can think of, like, Can you Fly? How Many times do they take a dump in a day? When was the last time they showered? There is no wrong answer.

Keep asking weird questions until the victim gets mad or hangs up on you. If you are having too much fun, keep calling the same number until you have had enough.

6. I see you

I see you

Do you want to creep out your neighbor or a family member? The “I See You” prank is the best for this purpose.

Grab your cell phone and call the person you have selected, and tell them you just saw them at the mall and you waved hi, but they ignored you. Insist that it was them and it was rude of them to ignore you like this.

Before calling, take a quick look at what they are wearing. This will creep the living daylights out of your victim and give you the most hilarious results.

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7. I’m outside

I'm outside

Randomly call your friend’s number who you haven’t met in a while, but you know where they live. Call and tell them you have been standing outside for a long time, and no one is opening the door.

Hear them open the door and hang up. It’s an annoying prank, but hilarious for both and pretty harmless as well.

8. Fake reference

Open-ended pranks are the best prank call ideas. You can take them in any direction you want. Remember how companies call people listed as references to check up on their employees?

Use this as a prank, call up a random number or a mutual friend, use a fake name, and tell the victim to listen to their reference contact person. Add a weird job designation and watch how they react.

9. Delay Complaint

Delay Complaint

For this Delay Complaint prank, you will need to sound angry and frustrated. Call up a random person, and tell them you received an email about your delayed package of shrimps or any silly things.

For bonus points, tell them you don’t need them anymore and ask for a refund. Make sure you keep talking in anger and barely let the other person speak. 

10. Sorry You Have The Wrong Number

Sorry You Have The Wrong Number

Here’s how to confuse random people, call anyone, and get annoyed at them for calling you and that they have the wrong number, this is one of the funniest prank call ideas.

Once they hang up, call again and start the same argument again. Just keep saying that they have called you instead of the other way around and that they have the wrong person and they should stop calling you like this. 

11. Play Music

Play Music

Sometimes, you don’t even have to say anything to prank people; random music will do the trick. Select the loudest and most bizarre song you have ever heard, and call a random person.

As soon as they say hello, play the song at full blast. As soon as the song starts, the other person will hang up. The best part is this is when the real prank starts; you call them again and do the exact same thing again.

12. Happy Birthday Prank

Happy Birthday Prank

Disguise your voice, call up a friend, and start singing “Happy Birthday To You” Don’t stop till you have sung the whole song.

Here’s how you take it further: the minute the song ends, start getting mad at your friend for not inviting you to her birthday bash that you know she is growing secretly.

13. I want Advice

My husband loves our dog more than he loves me; what to do, please advise? Call strangers or anyone on your contact list and ask genuine questions for random advice.

This prank will get you the most random advice ever. You never know, you might end up making a new friend.

14. Remain Silent

Remain Silent

If you are bored, here’s how to kill time and annoy people. We suggest you choose a family member for this prank.

All you have to do is call your family member and breathe. That’s it! Remain silent. Hear them saying hello, hello but don’t utter a word.

Your breathing will tell them that someone is listening but purposely ignoring them. Their curiosity won’t let them hang up for some time.

15. What to Order?

What to Order?

Harmless prank calls are so much fun. If you want a really funny idea, how about calling a random person to ask them what you should order for dinner.

You can really make a genuine query out of this prank call. Just tell the person you sat to order but can decide what to eat, and if they can help you with the problem.

You never know; you might just hit the jackpot and get a good answer.

16. Muffled Voice

The most annoying thing, apart from elevator music, on a phone call is the muffled voice. It’s so irritating to try and decipher what the caller is saying.

Let’s turn that into a prank, call any random person and speak in a muffled voice. Or you can call your hairstylist to try and book an appointment in a hushed voice and then get angry at them for not taking you seriously.

17. Why did you hang up on me?

Why did you hang up on me?

Just like, why are you calling me? You can prank a random stranger about hanging up on you. Get fake angry on the call and keep saying that they hung up on you earlier.

Listen to how they explain to you that they don’t know you and you have called the wrong number. End the call abruptly to successfully pull off the prank.

18. Let’s go on a date

Let's go on a date

From I love you to Let’s get married, these are pretty popular phone pranks that generate the best conversations ever.

Make sure to record the funny conversation to tell your friends and family for a laugh.

19. Special Delivery

Special Delivery

“Hi, i am calling for the Airport, your Mummy has been delivered from Egypt, please come and pick up.” imagine getting a bizarre call like this.

Cook up funny scenarios and call people you know or total strangers to tell them about a special delivery they are about to receive.

20. I’m here to pick you up

I'm here to pick you up

Have you got an annoying friend who keeps getting free rides from you but never helps you when you need them? If yes! We have just a prank for them.

Call your said friend in the early hours of the morning, at the break of dawn, and tell them you are waiting for them outside and you have come to pick them up.

Imagine the shock of your sleepy friend thinking they may have forgotten a prior arrangement with you.

21. References

Calling and asking for references is the oldest prank in the book, but it’s hilarious every time someone pulls one. So, call a couple of your friends, take a name they know, and ask for a reference for a creepy job.

You can say you are calling from a morgue, and you are asking on behalf of FAKE NAME for the job of esthetician (one who styles the corpses).

22. Act like you’re crying

Act like you're crying

If you like the idea of breathing in the phone and staying silent, you will love the next idea; Crying as a prank call.

Imagine the horror of the receiver to hear someone crying but not getting an answer. However, this may stress some people out, so always clear the air when you are done pranking them.

23. Copy Everything They Say

I simply hate it when my nieces and nephews start copying everything I do or say; I can’t be the only one, though?

So, do this as a prank; however, do it with someone you know to irritate them big time. Just repeat everything they say until they give up and hang up on you.

24. Will you marry me?

Will you marry me?

Talk about using the most cliche pranks ever, but these are evergreen ones that may never get boring.

Call a restaurant or a cafe, ask to speak to the manager and propose to them “I will you Marry Me” and don’t hang up till they say yes. This is sure to make someone’s day, even if it’s a silly old prank.

25. Tell them it’s your birthday

Tell them it's your birthday

It’s hilarious to call someone and tell them it’s your birthday and then hear them being awkward.

It’s a fact that most people get awkward when they get to know it’s someone’s birthday and no one has wished them, or no one cares enough. The stranger you call will most probably make you smile with their heartwarming wish.

26. Keep asking the same question but in different accents

This is as hilarious as it gets, but to do this prank, you must be a master of a few accents. Imagine asking someone the same question over and over but in different accents.

Some pranks are hilarious that get both sides laughing. While others are plain annoying that leave the victim fuming for hours, this one is the latter.

27. Call a random number and act like you know who they are

Call a random number

You can ace this prank if you know how to act and keep emotions out of your voice. Dial up a random number, and as soon as they pick up, you start gossiping like you know them.

You never know, if the other side is sitting bored at home, they might indulge in your gossip as well.

28. “It’s been so long!”

Another version of the above prank is to call a random number and start with “It’s been so long!” and start chatting like you have missed them so much.

29. Call a store and say, “I’m just looking.”

Call a store and say, "I'm just looking."

You know how we go to a store, and when the shopkeeper comes, we tell them that we are just looking, and they leave us be. Do the same, but on a call to a local store, you know about it.

Just call them up, and as soon as they say, how can we help? Just tell them you are looking. You can wait for their response or just hang up.

30. Do You Prefer to Get $5000 in Cash or a Free Trip?

Do You Prefer to Get $5000 in Cash or a Free Trip?

Ah! This one will surely get you the worst kind of comments if you attempt this. Call up a random number or a family member and pretend that they have won $ 5000 in cash or a free trip. Which one will they prefer?

Pretend to take details of their address and other things and then just hang up.

31. Call 2 People and Put phones Together So They Can Talk To Each other

Call 2 People and Put phones Together So They Can Talk To Each other

This one is a bit complicated but doable if you have a couple of phones at hand. Call random numbers at the same time, put them on speaker, and let them make an awkward chat figuring out who called who.

Although playing pranks on people is hilarious, know that they are illegal in some states. So, before you get a bit adventurous with your phone and prank ideas, do your homework.

Harmless pranking isn’t bad, but make sure you stay within your limits even if you are pranking a friend or family member.

You wouldn’t want people hurt over a silly prank and a moment of laughter.

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