No Space? No Problem! 21 Ways to Increase Storage in a Small Kitchen

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Do you have a small kitchen? I empathize because I have lived in many apartments and homes with tiny kitchens.

It can be a struggle to find enough storage space for cutlery, cooking supplies, and of course, food. If you need help adding storage to your small kitchen, below are some ideas to inspire you!

Ways to Create More Kitchen Storage

1. Over-the-Door Rack

Over-the-Door Rack

Source: @alifemoreorganized

Do you always find that your spices and sauces get disorganized? Me too!

This over-the-door rack is the perfect solution. It will make everything organized and easy to find.

2. Magnetic Knife Holder

Magnetic Knife Holder

Source: @thegreenwoldgaff

Have you ever used a magnetic organizer? I have used them in the bathroom, but never in my kitchen!

This saves so much space because it avoids the need for a knife block. What a clever way to have your knives easily accessible!

3. Kitchen Wall Rack

Kitchen Wall Rack

Source: @mini_residence

There is something about open shelves that just looks so beautiful.

Do you like the idea of open shelves? This kitchen wall rack is an excellent way to add that same aesthetic appeal and functionality to your space.

Find more kitchen storage ideas here!

4. Wire Baskets on the Wall

Wire Baskets on the Wall

Source: @redcottagechronicles

Do you have unused wall space in your kitchen? I’m betting that you probably do!

Hanging up some wire baskets is a great way to add storage. You can use them for fruit, dish rags, sponges, and more.

These ones would look great in your kitchen!

5. Adhesive Bins

Adhesive Bins

Source: @unclutterco

I love hidden storage solutions, don’t you? Adhesive bins placed within your cabinets are such an amazing idea!

You could buy something like this if you want to do this in your kitchen.

6. Trolley Storage

 Trolley Storage

Source: @ingidjones

Don’t you think this basic trolley looks so good in this space? You could spruce one up with greenery and baskets.

This is a great way to increase the amount of storage in your kitchen.

7. Pots and Pans Rack

 Pots and Pans Rack

Source: @robin_castro

I use my pots and pans pretty much every day. I’m sure you do as well.

These essential items take up so much space! This hanging rack was made from an old crib rail.

Don’t you think this is such a brilliant way to reuse part of an unneeded crib?

8. Net Bags for Fruits and Veggies

 Net Bags for Fruits and Veggies

Source: @house_one_eighty

Do you love to have fruits and veggies readily accessible in your kitchen? I do too!

These bags can be hung from hooks or even from a cabinet or pantry doorknob to save valuable food storage space.

If you like this idea, you can buy these net bags.

9. Kitchen Island Side Storage Rail

Kitchen Island Side Storage Rail

Source: @stonechimneycottage

This is a great space-saving solution. You can hang pretty much anything from this storage rail.

Don’t you think this would look great on your kitchen island?

10. Storage Boxes

storage boxes

Source: @littlerenohouse

Storage boxes are a go-to solution in my home. In my kitchen, I like to use them in my pantry.

They are clear, so it makes everything easy to see. This set offers excellent value.

11. Utensil Pot

utensil pot

Source: @one_small_home

Do you feel like you just don’t have enough drawer space in your kitchen? I know the feeling!

A utensil pot is a great way to save some of that valuable space. You can store it in a cabinet or even choose a pretty one and display it on your countertop.

12. Kitchen Cart

kitchen cart

Source: @kates_life_journy

Don’t you love cart storage? I have used a cart in my crafting space for ages.

I love the idea of putting a cart in my kitchen. It can be used to store food, cooking supplies, and more!

Find more ways to organize with IKEA carts!

13. Hang Utensils Above Stove

Hang Utensils Above Stove

Source: @fretnotfarm

Hanging things up is a go-to space-saver in my house. Adding hooks for spatulas, oven mitts, and other supplies you use every day is a great idea.

14. Wall-to-Wall Shelving

Wall-to-Wall Shelving

Source: @highboyla

This wall-to-wall open shelving looks so good in this small kitchen. Don’t you love how this person is making such good use of every ounce of space they have?

You could easily recreate the look with something like this. It is available in two different sizes depending on the size of your space.

15. Under Sink Storage

Under Sink Storage

Source: @fromhousetohome__

Do you have usable space under your sink? Add some storage with bins under the sink.

These ones are great. I like to stash extra dish soap, sponges, dishwashing pods, and other essentials underneath my kitchen sink.

16. Containers


Source: @little_house_on_tyrone

Containers are a great, inexpensive way to keep any space in your kitchen organized. I love the way this pantry looks with the white and clear containers.

Adding containers in coordinating colors makes everything look so neat, tidy, and pretty.

17. Kitchen Counter Shelf

kitchen counter shelf

Source: @estheticians_nest

I love coffee, don’t you? This kitchen counter shelf serves as a cute little coffee bar.

I love how the creator has added everything they need for their cup of joe. It looks so good and would make all your coffee essentials so easy to find!

18. Vertical Shelving Space

vertical shelving space

Source: @myspace_decors

Don’t you think that it’s so clever to make use of vertical space in your home? Installing shelves up above adds an amazing amount of storage.

19. Hanging Mugs

hanging mugs

Source: @frau.ramona

Do you have a large collection of mugs? I can relate!

I am always adding pretty mugs to my kitchen. I also have lots of sentimental mugs that I just can’t bear to part with.

The problem with this, of course, is that I have run out of room in my mug cabinet. I love how this person added hooks to hang mugs from.

It looks great and makes your mugs easily accessible. What a clever solution!

If you like this idea, you could buy this mug rack. It holds ten mugs.

20. Built-In Cabinets

built-in cabinets

Source: @sustainyrself

If you are handy, you might consider adding some DIY built-in cabinets to your small kitchen. The ones in this picture look so beautiful.

They add storage to the kitchen, of course, but also add elegance and charm. I like that some of the cabinets are open while others have doors.

Find out more organizing hacks for cupboards here!

21. Use of Corner Space

use of corner space

Source: @lisalovesorange

Do you have an unused corner in your small kitchen? I love how this person is using every nook and cranny in their tiny space!

A corner space is good for adding floating shelves, storage units, bookcases, cabinets, and other organizers. I love this corner shelf stand.

It has enough room to put daily items like mugs and plates. It also is available as a 4-tier stand or a 5-tier stand.

It would look great in your kitchen, adding beauty and storage. You can choose from two different colors.

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