Declutter Your Kitchen: 23 Awesome Kitchen Storage Ideas

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If you’ve got a free Sunday morning and you’re feeling the organization itch, then it’s time to tackle your kitchen. There’s always something to optimize in a kitchen, isn’t there?

For me, the biggest struggle with my kitchen has always been finding enough storage for everything. From the pantry to the under sink cleaning supplies, everything needs a place.

Sometimes, that requires us to get a little creative. To help us out, let’s run through twenty-three awesome kitchen storage ideas designed to carve out that special spot for everything.

Kitchen Storage Solutions

1.Under Sink Storage

under sink storage

Source: @fromhousetohome__

The cupboard under a sink can be a site of chaos, especially if you like to stockpile cleaning supplies like I do. Thankfully, it’s also super simple to organize this area. All you need are some acrylic bins!

I love these ones for their simplicity. They’re really versatile, so you can use them anywhere else.

2. Corner Drawers

corner drawers

Source: @kestrelkitchens

Got a weird corner spot that you’re struggling to organize? Consider getting some corner drawers installed! These are so clever, creating a pull-out drawer that slides effortlessly back into a corner.

This is a slightly more intense project, so make sure you’re comfortable with DIY before tackling it on your own.

3. Kitchen Trolley

kitchen trolley

Source: @number7treeview

Looking to introduce both storage space and some extra surface area? Look no further than a kitchen trolley. This basically acts like a portable kitchen island, so you can move it anywhere you need it.

Try picking one of these up if you’re working with a small kitchen and love the idea of an island.

4. Seasoning Racks

seasoning racks

Source: @chicdaze

Create storage by using all that wall space! This is a super simple DIY idea you can whip up in no more than a couple of hours (even faster if your spices are already organized).

This seasoning rack uses simply acrylic floating shelves for a clear, minimalistic look. But you can use another style to suit your kitchen’s décor.

5. Labeled Jars

labeled jars

Source: @nina_moves_in

Maximize your storage by designating specific jars for certain dry goods. This lets you stock up on goods in bulk while using the vertical space in your pantry rather than cramming packets and boxes in there.

It’s nice if these jars can all be the same size and shape. You can pick up a label maker like this one so you can change them out as needed.

6. Hanging Utensils

hanging utensils

Source: @colour.window

Save drawer space for something better by dedicating your wall space to your utensils! It’s so easy to set up a hanging utensils bar, no matter how big your kitchen is.

The quickest and easiest way to do this is to attach a simple rail to the wall and invest in some s-hooks to hold the utensils up.

7. Hanging Cup Holder

hanging cup holder

Source: @tidywithheidi

Once again, there’s another amazing way to use some vertical space. This time, it’s in your mug cupboard. Mugs come with their own built-in handles, which makes them super easy to hang up.

Sliding a simple mug rack into your cupboard will free up some storage space you can use for other things. Easy!

8. Kitchen Island Storage

kitchen island storage

Source: @thesundayschool

If you’re lucky enough to have a kitchen island, then there are so many opportunities to maximize your storage with it! One of the lesser-known ways? Hanging some pots and pans from the side.

Hang a rack on the side with the least foot traffic to minimize bumping, and you’ll have so much more room for your cookware.

9. Hanging Shelf

hanging shelf

Source: @homebird_mrsmac

Hanging shelves are a great option for beginner DIYers who want to add some more space to their kitchens. They’re super easy to install and great for utilizing all that unused vertical space.

Hanging shelves like these only require two anchor points, with the rest of the shelf hanging down. These can’t take a ton of weight, so make sure to pick your most decorative jars and dishes.

Great for coffee and tea corners!

10. Floating Shelf

floating shelf

Source: @home_with_isabel

If you have a good amount of horizontal wall space, a floating shelf can be a great way to give yourself some storage above your countertops. These are wonderful for both décor and dishware!

Make this idea your own by checking out different shelf textures and colors. When in doubt, go for a warm wood for a solid, rustic feel.

11. Corner Shelves

corner shelves

Source: @thetaleoftwogingers

These are basically floating shelves, but they’re specifically cut to fit a corner. Corners can be notoriously tough to create storage in, so these are a great solution! It’s almost like an easier way to create a cabinet.

This is fairly beginner-friendly, too!

12. Clear Containers

clear containers

Source: @organisedsimplicity

Get that pantry in order with a collection of clear containers. The best thing about clear containers is that you don’t even need labels to keep your staples in order. You can just see what’s inside!

I love clear containers like these, that come with a natural air seal and super modern silhouettes.

13. Pants Hangers

pant hangers


If you have some wire shelves in your pantry, then hear me out… including some pants hangers in your pantry is a perfect idea. The pants hangers are great for holding up open bags of chips and snacks.

They hold the bags closed like bag clips, but take advantage of vertical space easily. I love this idea.

14. Built In Shelves

built in shelves


I love a good built-in shelf. It takes advantage of small and strange spaces, allowing you to create recessed storage that doesn’t get in the way. If you have a small kitchen, this might be a great pick for you!

This is a DIY you can figure out over a weekend, or you can contract someone to take care of it for you. Either way, it’s great for storing those miscellaneous items you want in open air storage.

15. Pantry Baskets

pantry baskets

Source: @neatbymeg

Keep things simple by including some wicker baskets in your pantry! These baskets are great for broadly organizing your snacks and ingredients by categories, so they’re easy to find.

I particularly love wicker baskets like these because they easily conceal mess behind the woven surfaces. Plus, they’re super cost-effective.

16. Behind the Door Storage

behind the door storage

Source: @sumnerovertherainbow

If you’ve got the kind of spice collection that seems to grow and grow, then you might need to find some extra space for all those flavors. That’s where a quick behind-the-door storage hack comes in.

Something as simple as a metal caddy-style shelf like this one can provide all the space you need.

17. Pan Rack

pan rack

Source: @my.practical.habitat

Many pot and pan cupboards are tall and narrow, usually sitting right beside the oven. While this is a useful spot, the height of the cupboards makes it difficult to stack pots and pans neatly.

Thankfully, there’s a simple hack: metal pan racks. Pick up a cheap variety like this and install it for a super simple transformation.

18. Drawer Compartments

drawer compartments

Source: @lavenderorganizes

Get some compartments going in your kitchen drawers to save space and create an easy storage system. You can use any containers that you already have in your home, or pick up a set of acrylics.

Either way, I firmly believe that including compartments in your deep drawers is the best way to organize them.

19. Organized Lids and Containers

organized lids and containers

Source: @typealifestyleco

Preparing lunch every day is an important ritual, but the chaos of a disorganized Tupperware drawer can put a spanner in the works.

Take a minute to bring some order to your lids and containers to make this ritual easier.

20. Over the Door Racks

over the door racks

Source: @marinavoshev

Add some storage to your pantry in a little-used space: over the door. A simple wall rack like this is the perfect way to add shelves all up and down the inside of your pantry’s door.

It can also work on the kitchen door itself.

21. Magnetic Knife Holder

magnetic knife holder

Source: @______theo

Storing your knives in a drawer is, unfortunately, a great way to blunt the edges. Not to mention, it takes up a lot of valuable real estate. One of the best ways to save on that space and save your knives?

Invest in a magnetic knife holder! I love how cost-effective these are, and they make your kitchen look really professional.

22. Vertical Storage

vertical storage

Source: @thesavvyspace

Lean into your vertical cupboard space with some super simple pan racks. This tip works for any of your kitchen cupboards: think about ways you can use the vertical space.

Maybe you can use stacking boxes like these or invest in some hooks for the ceiling to hang smaller items.

23. Maximize Pantry Storage

maximize pantry storage

Source: @afreshspace

Maximize your pantry’s storage by picking up a few classic organizational tools. I’m talking Lazy Susans and clear airtight containers. Lean on your label-maker to make sure everything has a place.

The Lazy Susans make it easy to reach whatever is hiding at the back, while the clear containers make it easy to spot everything you have. I particularly love this can holder (it’s almost like a set of stairs for your cans).

With all that said and done, there are so many ways to spruce up your kitchen storage. Balance form and function with the ideas on this list, and let me know in the comments which one is your favorite!

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