21 Brilliant Utility Closet Organization Ideas

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Is your utility closet a dark, unattractive, cluttered space that you prefer to stay away from? Do not despair!

Here are 21 brilliant utility closet organization ideas that will turn your little room into an attractive haven that feels clean, and offers storage options where everything can be found.

Not convinced? Read on for my ideas and you will be!

Utility Closet Organizing Ideas

1. Cube Storage

cube storage

Source: @thedowntownaly

My first brilliant utility closet organization idea makes the space look more like a guest room than a closet! It is so stylish.

The homeowner has chosen an off-white 9-cube storage organizer to keep everything neatly packed away. I found a similar cube organizer on Amazon, and it comes with fabric bins that can slip out for easy access.

2. Baskets

storage baskets

Source: @alifemoreorganized

Large plastic baskets are ideal for organizing a utility closet. They can be used to hold cleaning supplies, trash bags, rags, pet supplies, small tools, emergency supplies, and laundry essentials. 

These large plastic baskets have a trendy woven design and can be washed when they start looking grubby.

3. Wall Hooks

wall hooks

Source: @thecheshireterrace

If your utility closet is short of shelving, wall hooks magically create loads of hanging space in a jiffy! You can attach them to the wall, or mount them underneath an existing shelf.

I like to use canvas bags to create organized hanging compartments. I can then grab the bag I need and everything is at my fingertips.

4. Hanging Wall Baskets

hanging wall baskets

Source: @cottontailfarmhouse

Re-imagine your walls as storage space and all of a sudden you have a functional and innovative way to organize your utility closet.

Hanging wire wall baskets like these are easy to install and don’t cost a fortune. Use them to hold cleaning supplies, laundry supplies, pet supplies, and miscellaneous household items like extension cords, tape, and glue.

I like the open wire design because I can instantly see what is inside the basket.

5. Cabinets


Source: @amy.darley

The next brilliant utility closet organizing idea is cabinets! Cabinets transform your closet into a well-ordered space where everything has a place.

Choose cabinets with both closed compartments and open shelves, giving you the choice to hide or display items. Check out IKEA for versatile options, or head to your local dollar store for a cost-effective buy.

6. Clear Storage Containers

clear storage containers

Source: @clutterbustersnj

I am a raving fan of clear storage containers because you can easily see what is inside.

Divide your utility closet contents into categories like electrical plugs and extension cords, cleaning materials, dustpans and cloths, tools, strings and ropes, batteries, and more. Label your bins to make your space even more organized.

7. Labelled Storage Boxes

labelled storage boxes

Source: @neatlittlenest

Labelled storage boxes take the stress out of searching for the things you need. Get organized with large plastic bins like these and label your bins using vinyl self-adhesive alphabet letters like these.

I always struggle to find labels that match my needs. This set is so flexible because I can create my own words, and, the letters are waterproof, perfect for a utility closet.

8. Floating Shelves

floating shelves

Source: @thedowntownaly

Take a look at how much extra space this smart homeowner has created by installing floating shelves! Every wall of the small utility closet can now be used for storing and organizing.

Mount your floating shelves wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling to maximize every inch of wall space.

I’m totally vibing with the chic decorative paper on the walls that turns this closet into a seriously stylish space. Create the look using these colorful peel and stick wall papers I found on Amazon.

9. Cabinet


Source: @simplespacesns

A cabinet like this is perfect for storing files, manuals, papers, ink cartridges, and other stuff that would take up space in a home office, but does not need to be in your home office.

Put it in the utility closet where it will be out of the way, but still easily accessible when you need it.

10. Behind the Door Storage

behind the door storage

Source: @unclutterco

Here is another cool idea on how to use the space behind the door for storage. How many times have you reached for a broom or a mop, only to be hit over the head when they all topple over?

A broom organizer like this is not expensive and can easily be installed behind the door. Then, you simply clip in your brooms, mops, brushes, dust pans, and rags.

11. Storage Bins

storage bins

Source: @livingsimplyorganization

Storage bins like these instantly give you 3 times the amount of storage space by stacking one atop the other.

This is something that I didn’t think of! Step back and look at your closet …How much wasted space is on top of a single layer of storage bins? Use this prime real estate to stack and pack!

12. Labelled Baskets

labelled baskets

Source: @claritythroughorganization

I must admit that I feel a bit cringy when I say that my utility closet storage solution consisted of old broken cardboard boxes with frayed edging.

This idea inspired me to upgrade and reorganize my space. I bought durable stylish plastic woven baskets like these, labeled them, sorted out all my clutter, and wow, it was like an instant makeover!

13. Wicker Baskets

wicket baskets

Source: @shelley_cottage

Your theme of a warm and cozy cottage, farmhouse, or barnyard-style kitchen can extend seamlessly into your utility closet.

Choose woven wicker baskets as a storage solution instead of plastic. I love how this designer uses both rectangular, round, tall, and short wicker baskets. 

14. Built-In Storage Cabinets

built-in storage cabinets

Source: @jusathome

Built-in storage cabinets blend seamlessly into any space, including really small spaces. They always look neat, tidy, and stylish.

Do it yourself, or get a professional to install built-in storage cabinets in your utility closet. They maximize every inch of space and keep your clutter organized and easy to find.

15. Fabric Baskets

fabric baskets

Source: @littlerockpaperscissors

You have to hand it to a person who makes her utility closet look like a snazzy, well-curated boutique! (Mine looks like a disaster site).

These stylish fabric baskets are ideal for storing soft items like linen, rags, toilet rolls, paper towels, and seasonal clothing. I found some cool fabric baskets on Amazon that I am going to unashamedly use to copy this idea!

16. Metal Hooks

metal hooks

Source: @wakepraycreate

When things refuse to stand upright on the floor, just hang them up! I am referring specifically to utility closet items like brooms, mops, dust pans, and brushes.

Simply bash some heavy-duty metal hooks into the wall, and you can instantly organize those annoying items. And, you make use of unused wall space, clearing the floor for a neat cabinet or a few fabric baskets.

17. Vertical Space Shelving

vertical space shelving

Source: @thelivingcollective.co

Utility closets are by nature small and cramped. But, if you look upwards, what do you see? – loads of unused space in the air!

Get the family together and work on a DIY weekend project to create a tall, slim set of vertical shelves.

You can fit the shelves with woven plastic baskets, fabric bins, clear storage bins, stacking storage bins, or whatever storage options take your fancy to stash away all those unattractive utility items.

18. S Hooks

S Hooks

Source: @aceofspaceorganization

Now that you have a rail and brooms with a hole at the top, how do you hang them up? Simple – use S Hooks!

S Hooks are amazingly versatile, must-have items for your utility closet.

No need to drill hooks into the wall where they are stuck forever. Just loop them over the rail and adjust the space between them as you require.

19. Door Organizer

door organizer

Source: @cstanleyroot

Say goodbye to clutter with a simple solution – door organizers. Mount dollar store plastic containers inside your door and you have a stylish and versatile storage solution that costs next to nothing.

I like these clear, low containers because I can see exactly what is inside each one. This is a great way to organize cleaning products, spray cans, washing soaps, dishwashing liquid …. you got it!

20. Tension Rod

tension rod

Source: @overstreetorganizing

Tension rods create instant hanging space without the need for measuring, drilling, and potentially ruining your walls if you get it wrong.

This innovative home designer used a strong tension rod like this to lift the family’s sporting gear off the floor, creating a neat and organized space.

21. Wooden Crate or Box

wooden crate or box

Source: @casitamia.story

This last utility closet organizing idea (for now) takes me back to my childhood days. Did you also have an old wooden crate to store toys, games, puzzles, and other fun-filled treasures?

Well, your utility closet may not be fun, but wooden crates or boxes will certainly help you organize, categorize, and sort out your clutter, which can be classified as a “fun” activity (perhaps?)

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