31 The Most Stunning Summer Farmhouse Decor Ideas

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Farmhouse décor is one of the most popular aesthetics for a reason. It’s a beautiful blend of rustic and modern elements, giving your home an appealing old-style feel.

This style of décor is also popular because it’s one of the easiest to execute. Relying on old components and weathered aesthetics means you don’t have to worry about getting things perfect.

So, if you’re as in love with farmhouse décor as I am, you’re in the right place!

Take some time out one of these summer weekends and create one of these thirty-one stunning farmhouse décor ideas.

farmhouse summer decor

1. Bucket Bouquet

bucket bouquet

Source: @cottonandrust

Bring some rustic charm to a simple bouquet with a basic metal bucket! This is a beautiful way to bring some interest to your bedside table, but you can use it anywhere in your home.

The best place to find a bucket for this idea is to look in a thrift store or vintage store. Otherwise, try looking on Amazon for something like this.

2. Farmhouse Table Basket

farmhouse table basket

Source: @blessedandhumbledhome

Bring summer into your dining room with this adorable rustic table setting. This is super simple! All you need is a canvas table runner, a wicker basket, and a gingham tea towel to hold your glasses.

Want to add a little extra? Include some glass vases with fruit-bearing peach stems like these in there.

3. Blue Chalk Cabinets

blue chalk cabinets

Source: @farmhouserooms

One of the biggest mainstays of the farmhouse décor scheme is the iconic chalky wood texture. Luckily, it’s so easy to transform your existing cabinets with the right paint.

A paint like this blue chalk one is ideal for bringing a vintage vibe to your kitchen. Pick up a high-grit sandpaper like this one to put some wear on that surface to bring it home.

4. Lemon Kitchen Vignette

lemon kitchen vignette

Source: @fleurdelicia.decor

Something as quick and easy as a little vignette can add a lot of rustic charm to your kitchen. For summer, bring the color and scent of lemons indoors with this adorable little vignette.

You can make one yourself or pick up one like this online.

5. White Bin Fruit Bowl

White Bin Fruit Bowl

Source: @southernpeachcandleco

Chipped ceramic and tin are both iconic aspects of farmhouse décor, so why not put a little summery twist on that idea? Use an old farmhouse-style planter to hold bright lemons and other fruit.

This is a beautiful way to double up on form and function. You can also use this planter in other ways as the seasons change. 

6. Red Gingham Sack Cushion

Red Gingham Sack Cushion

Source: @thehalseyhomestead

Looking for a quick and easy DIY that will bring that farmhouse vibe home? This vintage red gingham sack cushion is a must-try! I love the adorable strawberry shapes on this.

Perfect as an outdoor cushion or as a decorative accent on your bed. Plus, it’s so easy to make, even if you’re not used to sewing.

7. Gingham-Border Welcome Mat

Gingham-Border Welcome Mat

Source: @oldsaltfarm

Great décor schemes start from the very first moment you hit the front stoop. In this case, bring that farmhouse décor outside with a simple hack: adding a gingham border to your welcome mat.

If you don’t want to do the DIY, you can also pick up a pre-bordered welcome mat like this one.

8. Lemon and Blue Floral Wreath

Lemon and Blue Floral Wreath

Source: @mandamadewreaths

In summer, the two colors that will bring your farmhouse décor scheme to life are blue and yellow. Add a natural touch with some rustic charm to your wall or front door with this wreath.

While it’s a floral wreath, the inclusion of little lemons is a great way to pull some of that summery vibe indoors.

9. Flag in a Mason Jar

Flag in a Mason Jar

Source: @frontporchtraditions

Sometimes, simplicity is best. Especially when it comes to farmhouse décor! Whether you’re decorating for the 4th of July or just want somewhere to hoist a small flag, a mason jar will do the trick.

You can rotate the flags depending on what you want to celebrate every season. You can even use these as table dressings when you have guests over!

10. Rustic Tiered Flower Setting

Rustic Tiered Flower Setting

Source: @houseonwren

What’s better than one vase of flowers? How about ten?! This stunning little hack is a great way to bring florals into your home without blowing your budget.

The secret is to use an old tiered stand like this one to hold flowers in small glass vases. Hit up your local thrift store to find some vintage glassware to complete the look.

11. Thrifted Chest Side Table

Thrifted Chest Side Table

Source: @rekindledsigns

Add some storage and character to your outdoor area with this super cute thrifted side table. This is actually an old chest being repurposed as a table, which brings so much charm to a setting.

Go for a chest that looks old and weathered, but is sturdy enough to hold some weight. Great place for potted plants or a herb garden, if you have one.

12. Sunflower Table Vase

Sunflower Table Vase

Source: @myhomeonwillow

Florals and bright colors are the perfect combination for a summer farmhouse vibe. You know what that calls for? Sunflowers!

Whether you use fresh or fake sunflowers, the effect is the same: beautiful bright accents as far as the eye can see.

13. Swap Out Cushion Covers

cushion covers

Source: @liveabouts

It’s so easy to switch up your décor according to the seasons with a stockpile of different cushion covers.

Whether in your lounge or your bedroom, add a touch of summery color with some floral cushion covers like these.

14. Bring Lemons and Foliage Indoors

Lemons and Foliage Indoors

Source: @robynssouthernnest

I love farmhouse décor because it’s one of the easiest décor schemes to execute on a budget. Case in point: you can head into your garden and grab some foliage and fruit for a vintage tablescape.

Don’t like the idea of bringing foliage indoors? You can pick up some fake varieties to keep in storage for when the seasons change.

15. Strawberry Display

strawberry display

Source: @feltcreativehome

Lemons are one of my favorite fruits to lean on for summer décor, but they’re not the only fruits perfect for a vintage vibe. Case in point: this strawberry display!

This is super cute, and perfect for any nook that needs a pop of color.

16. Build a Nook


Source: @blossomgoodvibes

Speaking of nooks, if you don’t have one, it might be time to make one. For cozy summer reading and afternoons sipping glasses of iced tea, there’s nothing better than a nook.

It’s really easy to do. Just grab your comfiest chair, add a pop of color with a potted plant, and finish things off with some squishy cushions.

17. Embrace the Pink Peony Theme

Pink Peony Theme

Source: @haresandhome

Peonies are another beautiful floral to bring indoors for a summer farmhouse vibe. I love the pastel vibe of these. Take inspiration from the delicate color and bring those pastels into your home.

Rely on blankets, cushions, and bouquets to add a pop of color if you don’t want to do any major DIY work. Cushions like these are perfect for the job!

18. Spruce Up Your Entry Area

farmhouse Entry Area

Source: @arteperpiacere

Your home’s entry area is essentially like an introduction to your living space. It’s an opportunity for you to impress your guests from the first moment they step over the threshold.

Luckily, it’s also super easy to decorate in a farmhouse vibe with some simple staples. Try adding a cushioned settee like this to create a focal point that also hides some storage.

19. Add Some Vintage Cushions

vintage cushions

Source: @vintagenvine

When in doubt, it’s always good to go with a vintage cushion. Even if you’re just starting your farmhouse transformation, some vintage cushions are the perfect way to bring the aesthetic to your lounge.

They help even the most modern lounge set look like it popped right out of the 1950s countryside.

20. The Watering Can Vase

Watering Can Vase

Source: @piperclassics

Looking for a cost-effective way to spruce up a corner of your home the farmhouse way? Thrift an old metal watering can and use it as a vase!

Fresh florals in an old can contrast each other beautifully. If you don’t want to battle the thrift store crowds, you can grab a watering can like this one online.

21. Handmade Twig Bumblebee

Handmade Twig Bumblebee

Source: @a_new_leaf_flowers

Spend some time outside with the kids thanks to this super simple farmhouse décor craft. This clever hack uses gathered twigs and florals to make a handmade bumblebee wreath.

This is perfect for adding a pop of color and whimsy to any room. Plus, making it is a great way to spend some time with your family.

22. Stoneware Fruit Vases

 Stoneware Fruit Vases

Source: @prettylittlehomewares

Bring the color and feel of fruits inside without actually stacking lemons on your side tables with these super cute vases. I’m in love with the look of these stacked stoneware fruit vases.

This would be a fun DIY project if you have the time, too!

23. Watermelon Kitchen Display

Watermelon Kitchen Display

Source: @my.simple.little.home

Give your kitchen island a decorative focal point with this simple watermelon display. This uses the reds and greens of watermelons to add a pop of color to your living space.

If you’re as much of a fun of this fruit as I am, then this is the perfect highlight for your kitchen.

24. Vintage Guest Bedroom Tray

Vintage Guest Bedroom Tray

Source: @schweitzerlinen

Guest bedrooms are so special because you get to create a home away from home for anyone who’s visiting you. That’s why I love these vintage guest bedroom trays.

Complete with a stack of personalized books and a bouquet, this is a wonderful way to welcome new guests into their rooms.

25. Wooden Key Rail

 Wooden Key Rail

Source: @homebytheloch

Need more storage for your bedroom? This super simple summer farmhouse hack is perfect for that! Simply add a wooden key rail or coat rail like this above your bed’s headboard.

That way, you can hang everything from hats to decorative DIYs for an extra personal touch.

26. Stovetop Fruit Tree Decor

Stovetop Fruit Tree Decor

Source: @nearlynaturalfloral

When your stove isn’t in use, it can be a bit of a blank space in your kitchen. Well, no more! This is such a cute way to use an under-utilized spot for décor in your kitchen.

Assemble a wicker tray full of your favorite floral accents. This hack uses a potted fruit tree, but you can use anything you like. It’s portable, so you can move it when you need to use the stove.

27. Vintage Fireplace Cover

vintage fireplace cover

Source: @seasonalcottagehome

In the summer, your fireplace will sit dormant for quite a few months. While you might not want to brick over it entirely, there’s a way to use that space to make something new!

Turn the space in front of your fireplace into a summery nook with this vintage décor scheme. My favorite part is the old book pages covering the gap in the wall, it looks so cute.

28. Color-Coded Vase Mantelpiece

Color-Coded Vase Mantelpiece

Source: @missyraehome

Keep it simple and minimal with this ultra-elegant farmhouse mantelpiece idea. All you need are some clear glass vases, a carved wooden word of your choice, and come color-coded flowers.

If you’re celebrating Easter, include some pops of pastel. If it’s the 4th of July, it’s time to throw the flag colors up there! A great way to rotate seasonal décor without too much hassle.

29. Wooden Entryway Shelf

Wooden Entryway Shelf

Source: @inspiredbycharm

If you have a small entryway that needs some décor, might I suggest a wooden entryway shelf like this? They’re super versatile, featuring a top shelf and plenty of hanging space.

You can use those hanging hooks for anything from coats to decorative items. The same goes for the shelf space above!

30. Outdoor Gnome Display

Outdoor Gnome Display

Source: @farm_charm_treasure

When summer comes knocking, it’s time for the gnomes to play. This is an adorable take on an outdoor herb garden, complete with a tiny bearded gnome standing guard over your basil.

You can even bring this indoors if your potted plants don’t like the heat of summer.

31. Coastal Farmhouse Décor Accents

Coastal Farmhouse Décor Accents

Source: @casa_carin

Finally, embrace a derivative of the farmhouse aesthetic for summer: coastal farmhouse décor. This brings that same rustic vibe with a touch of nautical charm.

Introduce some deep blues and chalky shells into your space for an easy transition into a salt-sprayed summer.

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