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21 Best Storage Ideas to Steal from Tiny Homes

Are you struggling to find storage space? People who live in tiny homes are super-innovative when it comes to using space creatively!

In this article, I am ‘stealing’ 21 best storage ideas from tiny homes that will downsize your storage worries and upsize your ability to tidy up in style.

Tiny Home Storage Ideas

1.Vertical Storage Space


Tall, slim vertical spaces need not become havens for dust. This innovative idea uses vertical space to provide hanging, closet, shelf, and drawer space.

Look for those hidden spots behind doors, in alcoves, and under the stairs.

I found these tall vertical drawers on Amazon that will slip easily into a small space. I love the fabric bins that make it lightweight and easy to move.

2. Lifted Living Room with Storage Underneath


How do you create space where there is none? The riddle is easy to solve! Simply LIFT up your living room.

Install a few trendy steps up to your cozy seating and voilà, you have loads of space underneath your couch for books, toys, linen, or a hidden stash of snacks for those TV soapie marathons.

3. Hanging Laundry Space

Source: @inner.grace

Hanging out your laundry to dry in the sun may be a luxury for some, but impossible for those of us with limited space. Get creative and use every surface you can find.

Install undershelf hanging rods to hold shirts and tops. Fold-down racks can be wall-mounted, taking up no space when closed.

A pull-out drying rack can easily extend from a staircase rail or a ceiling beam and become invisible when closed.

4. Platform Bedroom

Source: @tinyheirloom

This cool idea uses a platform to create a bedroom adjacent to an upper window. Not only do you use empty space, but you also get a stunning view of the stars at night.

The wooden staircase leading up to the loft bedroom also doubles as a bookshelf or a display area for treasured ornaments.

Increase the coziness factor by smothering your bed in luxurious cushions. These plush throw cushions from Amazon are made from poly velvet and come in a choice of 21 stunning colors.

5. Under Stairway Storage

Source: @tinyheirloom

Take a look at your steps – there’s probably oodles of untapped space underneath. With a bit of DIY magic, you can easily create closed and open storage compartments.

Use this space for linen, bedding, books, sports gear, change-of-season clothing, and kiddies toys. The open shelves can display treasured ornaments, fresh flowers from the garden, or your set of quirky coffee mugs.

6. Floating Shelves


I LUV floating shelves – they are so versatile and easy to install. See how this tiny homeowner has cleverly mounted these shelves to be both ornamental and functional storage spaces.

Choose wood-look floating shelves like this for a cottage, vintage, or rustic-themed room. Go for modern black floating shelves like these in a room with a minimalist contemporary vibe.

7. Under Bed Storage

Source: @moderntinyliving

What’s under your kid’s beds? You probably don’t want to know!

Get rid of all the junk and maximize this space with versatile storage options. Under bed storage pulls out easily to offer loads of space for linen, bedding, toys, books, and games.

When you buy under bed storage, ensure that the wheel design is sturdy – you don’t want to struggle with drawers that get stuck halfway out (or in).

8. Drawers Under Kitchen Floor


I spoke earlier about the smart idea of raising a bedroom – but what stops you from raising a kitchen? By installing a false floor, you immediately gain acres of storage space under your kitchen floor.

The space can be set up as slide-out drawers or simply enclosed with flip doors to allow access.

9. Shelving

Source: @portlandtinyhouse

While selfies are all the rage, when it comes to storage, “SHelfies” are the thing! Use your blank walls and mount shelves to match any décor theme, they come in a myriad of styles, sizes, and designs.

Every shelf is a blank canvas for endless opportunities, both decorative and functional.

These stylish shelves from Amazon are 36-inches long. Arrange them side by side or stack them in tiers to create a trendy gallery-wall effect.

10. Long Bookshelf/Cabinet

Source: @trailheadtiny

Do you have piles of books TBR (to be read) like me? A long bookcase or cabinet stretching from wall to wall creates a lovely display and ensures that your books are easily accessible.

The shelves can also be used for showcasing your vinyl collection, your tiny cacti pot plants, or your family photos. Build them from the floor up to make use of every inch of space.

11. Kitchen Table with Storage in the base


Stretching your legs out under a table may give you a sense of cool relaxation, but just imagine the possibilities of using this space better!

By installing shelving or drawers under your kitchen table, you can make space for crockery, cutlery, linen, spices, and other culinary essentials, turning you into a MasterChef of note.

12. Built In Wall Storage for Appliances

Source: @pacificatinyhomes

Appliances take up valuable shelf real estate! And, when it comes to the biggest culprits, microwaves win hands down.

Look how this clever tiny homeowner has created built-in wall storage and lifted the microwave off the countertop. It is still easily accessible and blends perfectly into a previously unused corner.

13. Cart Storage

Source: @weliveonabus

How cute are these carts! They can be used for everything from plants to linen, bedding, books, toys, games, electronic devices, home office work, bathroom towels, and kitchen essentials.

I found this well priced 3-Tier Metal Rolling Utility Cart on Amazon. I love the minimalist design, the black color, and that the shelves can be positioned as you desire.

14. Built In Kitchen


I am blown away by the innovative ideas of these tiny homeowners. They have created an entire kitchen underneath a flat surface area.

When cooking is not in progress, the surface can be used for working, eating, sewing, crafting, or other activities. Under the lift-up shelves are a wash basin, a cooktop, ample workspace, and hooks for hanging essential utensils.

15. Step Drawers


Step up your steps with drawers! Under every step is unused space that can be put to use as storage. Take your cue from this tiny homeowner and step into the world of clever storage.

Whether you decide to “DIY” your steps or pay a professional to install steps with storage, this idea cannot be ignored if you are pushed for space.

16. Cabinetry

Source: @handcraftedmovement

From rustic wooden cottage-inspired designs to sleek glass-and-steel decor themes, cabinetry is the hero of storage for small spaces.

Choose cabinetry that offers both open and closed compartments, allowing you to use them as both decor and functional pieces. If you are really limited for space, look for units with sliding doors, rather than doors that open outwards.

17. Wall Corner Shelves

Source: @holatinyhouse

My next steal is V-shaped wall shelves that turn an empty corner in any room into a versatile, useful space.

Store toys for the kids, spices for the kitchen, books in a home office, games in a family room, crafting supplies in a creative nook  … you get the idea.

18. Pull Out Table

Source: @ooodesign

This is my favorite tiny home storage idea – a table on call – when you need it!

In this clever design, the table slides under the bed and becomes a surface for eating, chatting over coffee, or working, when it is pulled out. What a cool way to transform a bedroom into a versatile living space.

19. Loft Storage

Source: @ohanatinyhomes

Tiny homes love to extend upwards, and loft storage is a great way to do this. By adding platforms under your ceiling, you create storage areas without invading floor space.

Lofts can be accessed via decorative stairs, ladders, or even spiral staircases, each adding a unique look and feel to your home.

Take care that your loft does not become a place that accumulates junk!

20. Ceiling Bike Storage

Source: @canadiancastaway

Many homes don’t have the luxury of a garden, a shed or an outdoor patio. So where do you store your trusty bike? On the ceiling, if you have the mindset of a tiny homeowner!

If you are strong, install wide heavy-duty hooks and lift up your bike. If you are like me, and can’t pick up the bike, take a look at this overhead bike hoist that requires no strength.

21. Built In Closet

Source: @shayes_tiny_homes

My last ‘stolen’ idea is built in closets. They give you the benefit of floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall storage space while looking clean and neat and blending in with your decor theme.

Maximize the space inside by using plastic or fabric containers, drawers, hanging rails, and slide-out shelves that become temporary tables or work desks.


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