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10 Reasons You Should Stay Organized Based on Science

Getting organized is more important than you think. Here are all the reasons to organize your home based on science.

why you should stay organized based on scientific research

I know I usually share all types of organization hacks and ideas. However, we’ve never really talked about why we should stay organized.

If your home is a mess and you’ve been living like that for a while now, it might be hard to understand why you should even do something about it. If anything, it might seem time-consuming!

And you don’t have time, right? That’s not exactly true and I’ll explain why later in this article.

Some of the reasons are purely based on scientific research, others – pure common sense. So, dive in, and, who knows, you might change your mind.

1. Helps to Stay Focused

Researchers at The Princeton University Neuroscience Institute conducted that staying organized helps you to stay focused. Here is the study.

The reason why is very simple and relates mostly to how our brains work. The clutter limits your brain’s ability to focus.

I think in many ways it’s similar to multitasking. If you’re cooking and learning something at the same time, you’re not going to absorb the information the way you would if you just sat in front of the computer and used all your attention for that.

Clutter introduces an annoying stimulus that doesn’t quite let you pay attention to what’s important. Just imagine having a desk full of stuff and an empty one.

On an empty desk, all you can see is a computer, so you won’t start wandering around with your thoughts and thinking about anything else.

On the other hand, if your desk lacks organization, you might let your mind wander each time you’re doing something that you might not necessarily like. We all have tasks that simply need to be done!

And trust me, when you run into such tasks, all of the sudden, everything that’s on your table requires attention. I’m talking about dirty dishes, notes from yesterday, trash, etc.

2. Relieves Stress

Here is another interesting research. In the study, women who described their homes as ‘’cluttered’’ were more likely to feel low on energy and depressed.

What’s more interesting is that those women also had higher stress hormone (cortisol) levels. So, next time you’re stressed out, clean up, organize your home a little bit.

You never know, it might actually be the reason why you’re feeling low on energy. Obviously, we all have problems that might cause anxiety and stress but clean home might keep you a bit saner.

3. Saves You Time

While taking that step towards a more organized home can be time-consuming. The truth is, you’re probably going to save loads of time later on.

Just think about how much time you waste searching for the food product you think you need for a recipe but not sure you have it. How many times have you tried to find that second sock that just seems to disappear all the time?

What about trying to figure out what you’re going to wear today? Oh, and getting all the work done on top of that?

Truly, something as simple as having your fridge organized and keeping your office space free of clutter can be life-changing.

save time with planning

4. Improves Your Overall Health

The truth is, staying organized whether it’s at your home or at work, can significantly improve your health. Having an organized schedule with goals in mind can help you to eat healthier, stay in shape, and lose weight.

And that‘s not just me who says. A study in the Journal of Obesity proves just that. So, meal prep your low carb lunches for work and start eating healthier this way.

An interesting survey here also shows that people who make their bends in the morning also tend to have better sleep quality.

5. Saves You Money

Start a bullet journal and you’ll notice how much you spend within days. Spend too much?

Well, now you’ll have the numbers right in front of your face. Why is it useful?

You’ll be able to make better shopping decisions next time. When you know how much you’ve spent exactly that month, you’ll know how much you can actually spend.

It’s so easy to get out of control with our shopping when we have no idea how much we’ve spent already. So, if you’re on a tight budget, start a bullet journal or just an excel sheet.

6. Makes You More Productive

I’ve briefly mentioned that before but staying organized does make you productive. First, you save time because you no longer need to spend ages searching for the documents or files you need.

Also, it helps you to stay focused. And, that’s very important when it comes to really improve your productivity and getting more work done.

I, personally, have started a work schedule where I write down how much I want to achieve that month. With it, each month I’m getting more and more work done.

Just to give you an example, I’ve written 18 articles last month. Yes, that’s right 18 articles in 30 days. Pretty good, isn’t it?

The month before, I’ve barely squeezed out 9. So, definitely stay more organized with your time and you’ll become so much more productive.

Seeing how much you haven’t done encourages you to do more. That’s for sure!

planning time and increasing productivity

7. Improves Your Work and Personal Relationships

While planning the months out can be great for workplaces and staying in tune with your colleagues, it can also improve relationships. Something as simple as planning out dates ahead of time with your partner can spice up the relationship.

Also, when you have better control of your time, you’re less likely to be late to work, to dates or meetings. The truth is, nobody likes waiting, and if you make someone wait, you might as well ruin the relationship with that person.

8. Introduces a Sense of Achievement into Your Life

Let’s be honest, most of us live regular lives. We don’t often get a chance to compete with others or join a contest.

There are no grades nor other ways to really get that sense of achievement. However, if you start logging your goals, even the smallest ones, writing them down can help.

There is nothing more satisfying than ticking off an achievement or a task done!

9. Saves You Energy

There are days when we just don’t feel like doing anything. Sometimes, all we need is to incorporate a different activity into our routine.

Or change the environment a little bit. Next time you feel low on energy, organize your desk, clean up your room, and watch all that energy come back to you.

All of a sudden you’ll have the motivation to work or take up a new hobby!

10. Keeps You Fit and Lowers Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

Having weekly cleaning chores will keep you active even at home. Moving around, instead of sitting down, can significantly affect your cardiovascular health.

In fact, research shows that the condition of your home is more likely to affect your fitness levels. Why?

While many might choose not to go outside for a walk, they’re most likely going to clean their house. So, the more things you have to do at home, the better!

Thus, don’t be afraid to stay organize, clean the home up a little bit more, and enjoy the overall health benefits.


The benefits of staying organized are obvious. That’s for mental health, physical health, and even your financial situation.

So, start small, enjoy the process, and see how being more organized will change your life.

Lisa Qualls

Tuesday 7th of June 2022

Thank you so very much for this information!! It all really hit home and opened my eyes. I'm going to print it and keep it handy to read every I don't forget and slip back into my current rut. Question. What is that planner that is made on graph paper? And what is on the tabs that come up from the top of the pages?

Thank you, in advance. Lisa Q

Karo @

Thursday 9th of June 2022

Hello Lisa,

I am so glad I could help! The planner on the graph paper is just a daily planner. You've got your dates and days of the week to plan for.

The tabs above are for other pages. You'd probably want to have a monthly planner and a yearly planner in earlier pages to set goals for the year to come. They're less detailed but great for keeping the vision for what you want to achieve. You've got another section for your business planning, house, etc. You can have planners for so many different things, these tabs just help you find them quicker. :)

I'm currently working on printable and editable planners you could just print out, and they'll work in a similar fashion. :)