21 Genius Ways to Organize Your Life for Cheap

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Organizing your life does not mean spending all your hard-earned money.

Here are 21 ways to organize your life for cheap. When you are done, you will feel amazing, stress-free, have more time, and be more productive.

Start organizing your pantry, fridge, clothing closet, work desk, kitchen, craft room, and even your digital devices!

Ways to Organize Your Life on a Budget

1. DIY Organizer to declutter your desk

DIY Organizer to declutter your desk

Source: modpodgerocksblog.com

Let’s start with your desk. Mine was an organizational disaster until I came across this genius idea.

Follow the steps on the Mod Podge blog post to create an attractive DIY organizer using cereal boxes, toilet rolls (or paper towel rolls), decorative wrapping paper, and Mod Podge.

You probably have all the components lying around the house, so it won’t cost a cent!

2. DIY Charging Station

DIY Charging station

Source: repurposeandupcycle.com

The endless tangle of cables that come with iPads, mobile phones, tablets, cameras, and laptops, gives me a technology-inspired headache.

This innovative idea channels a power source into a kitchen cabinet drawer, creating a DIY charging station. In a jiffy, all the tech devices are neatly hidden away at a minimum cost!

3. DIY Kitchen Utensil Rack

DIY Kitchen Utensil Rack

Source: cuckoo4design.com

Utensil racks from fancy designer-kitchen stores cost a fortune! This DIY version looks just as stylish and is cheap to make.

You need a hollow metal rod, a set of gold S hooks like these, gold spray paint, and some common household tools.

Mount it above your kitchen worktop and hang up all your utensils. The natural wood look blends in beautifully with a cottage, barnyard, or farmhouse-themed kitchen.

4. Go digital – Free Printable Planner

Go digital - Free Printable Planner

Source: ahundredaffections.com

In today’s electronic world, there is no need to spend loads of money on stationery.

Kate from A Hundred Affections offers a free printable planner. Simply download it and get organized.

It is ideal for planning every aspect of your life from the kid’s school work to your weekly meals, your afternoon extra mural run, family sporting events, and more!

5. Color coordinate wardrobe

 Color coordinate wardrobe

Source: @organizedcalm

My next cheap way to organize your life costs nothing. And, it offers incredible benefits: reduced stress, peace of mind, more free time, and a chic, put-together look every time you leave the house.

Simply spend some time sorting out your clothes by style and then by color. Hang everything up from darkest to lightest. Your color coordinated clothing closet is ultra-organized!

6. Printable Pantry Labels

Printable Pantry Labels

Source: thehomesihavemade.com

The key to having an organized pantry is labels! Get hold of dollar store glass jars, plastic bins, woven baskets, canisters, spice jars, or even nostalgic vintage metal tins like these.

Now add labels!

Follow the easy instructions on The Homes blog post to download stylish printable pantry labels and turn your pantry into an organized haven.

7. Dollar Store Storage Bins for pantry

Dollar Store Storage Bins for pantry

Source: her-happy-home.com

Organizing your pantry by using bins gives you a great feeling of being in control. Buy bins at the dollar store and sort your items into fresh produce, canned goods, baking essentials, teas, coffees, snacks, biscuits, sauces, and more.

Labelling the bins makes for even smarter organization.

I also like to add clear canisters like these for cereals and spices. The see-through design makes it easy to see when products are running low and require topping up.

8. Inexpensive Mason Jars

inexpensive mason jar

Source: @perksofbeautyblog

If your spices are not looking too spicy, you need this cheap hack to organize them. Classic mason jars add a cool vintage vibe to a kitchen, pantry, or breakfast nook.

I really love how this homeowner has used Mason jars in 3 different sizes like these to store fine-grained products like salt and coarse-grained products like nuts and cereals.

9. DIY Drawer Organizer

DIY Drawer organizer

Source: diycandy.com

Drawers can quickly turn into chaotic nightmares overnight! Organize your drawers with these cheap DIY drawer organizers.

Involve the family in a fun woodwork project. It uses a few slats of wood that cleverly interlock. No nails or screws are needed.

The end result – a neat and tidy drawer with a DIY organizer.

10. Digital Declutter

digital declutter

Source: simplifycreateinspire.com

This blog post was a wake-up call. Not only do I have physical clutter, I also have digital clutter!

In case you are wondering – just think about those thousands of digital photos, songs, emails, notifications, videos, unused mobile apps, computer games … you get the idea.

Follow this blog post to clear digital clutter. You will improve productivity, decrease anxiety, have fewer distractions, and feel more in control.

11. Pegboards for craft supplies

Pegboards for craft supplies

Source: @cookbooksandcakestands

I don’t usually think of a wall when I am looking for extra storage in my messy craft room. But I hadn’t thought of pegboards.

Mount pegboards side by side and use them to hold anything that can hang. And, if it can’t hang – here is another clever idea – these cheap mesh pencil holders have holes that can be hooked.

Now you can easily store paintbrushes, clay molding knives, pens, pencils, rulers, and markers.

12. Command Hooks

Command Hooks

Source: @lelaburris

Command hooks demand attention! Use these versatile hooks to organize your kitchen.

You can mount them inside cabinets to hold measuring spoons, cups, mugs, clipboards for grocery lists, small cutting boards, washing cloths, and anything else that’s light and hangable.

13. Coffee Station

Coffee Station

Source: @kaialampesti

I love this perk-me-up corner and I am planning on recreating this in my kitchen. It is a must-have for coffee enthusiasts.

The main feature, of course, is your cutting-edge coffee maker. Then buy some stylish well-priced mugs like these to stand on top.

Next to the coffee maker, set up a small wire basket to hold stirrers, coffee beans, coffee pods, creamers, sugars, and some buttery biscuits.

14. Clear Containers for Fridge Organization

Clear Containers for Fridge Organization

Source: @gettingorganized.ae

When you are organizing your life for cheap, you can’t ignore an appliance that often turns into a disaster – your fridge!

Use clear containers to sort out your fresh fruits, veggies, leftovers, cheese, butter, milk, sauces, and baking necessities.

Instead of being chores, your meal planning and cooking sessions will become enjoyable and stress-free adventures.

15. Dollar Store Brush Holders

Dollar Store Brush Holders

Source: @getorganizedbayarea

Let’s focus next on makeup drawers. Yes, mine is a total confusion of brushes, lipsticks, bottles, tubes, eyeliners, foundation, and a myriad of expired products.

Little mesh containers make awesome brush holders. Get yours from the dollar store or take a look at these stylish mesh holders I found on Amazon.

16.Clothing Rack for seasonal clothing

Clothing Rack for seasonal clothing

Source: @fashionablyimperfect

This organizing idea is perfect for a room without a closet. A clothing rack can be cleverly organized to hold your seasonal clothing and also become a focal point in the room.

Choose a rack that has both open shelves for flat-packing and rails for hanging. Remove out-of-season clothing and only keep what you need for the current season.

17. DIY Shoe organizer

DIY Shoe organizer

Source: craftingmyhome.com

Get your shoes off the floor and into a DIY shoe organizer.

They will be more visible and accessible and won’t get damaged or scratched. And, you open up floor space for additional storage containers.

This clever idea uses cheap drop cloth and furring strips. Each pocket holds 6 pairs of men’s shoes and even more slim lady’s shoes like flats or flip-flops.

18. DIY Wall Organizer

DIY Wall Organizer

Source: papernstitchblog.com

Do you need a wall organizer on a budget? This awesome idea cost under $20!

Head to the dollar store for canvas drop cloth, a 1/2-inch dowel rod, and a grommet kit. Get out your sewing machine and follow the easy steps.

This DIY wall organizer is ideal for holding mail, bills, craft supplies, office supplies, jewelry, small kid’s toys, and even shoes.

19. DIY Entryway Organization

DIY Entryway Organization

Source: themerrythought.com

Do your family members arrive home and dump shoes, hats, coats, scarves, and bags in the entryway? Well, most of us do, but with a little thought, you can get this sorted.

Take a look at this cool DIY entryway organizer. The designer used cheap wooden crates and a touch of paint. Arrange the crates to suit your style, add a few pot plants for decoration, and Voilà!

You can mount some stylish bag and scarf hooks like these on the wall to enhance the design.

20. IKEA Storage Tubs

IKEA Storage Tubs

Source: @elodie_rose_home

Are you an IKEA fan like me? Their storage tubs are certainly part of my organize your life for cheap strategy.

I love the names that they give their products – look for the KUGGIS or the UPPDATERA boxes. They are perfect for a pantry.

Sort out all your clutter, label the boxes, and your stress levels will instantly drop back into the green zone.

21. DIY floating shelves

 DIY floating shelves

Source: chatfieldcourt.com

By now, after implementing all these organizing ideas, you should be floating on Cloud Nine with happiness. So, talking about floating, my last idea is floating shelves.

Kristi from Chatfield Court shows us how to make budget-friendly floating shelves from old barn wood and aluminum strips. I love the warm natural rustic feel, it is perfect for a cottage or farmhouse décor theme.

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