31 Genius Kitchen Counter Organizing Hacks

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Kitchen counters tend to get cluttered so easily, leaving you with no space to work and a bad mood!

Here are 31 amazing kitchen counter organizing ideas to make your cooking space more functional and also add a stylish look to your décor theme.

Kitchen Counter Organization

1. DIY Lazy Susan

DIY Lazy Susan

Source: onecrazyhouse.com

I always wanted a Lazy Susan, but the cost of buying one in a store sent my motivation spinning off track!

This super-smart idea uses two round baking pans like this and a packet of marbles. Place your marbles into one pan and stack the other on top.

You have an instant spinning Lazy Susan!

2. Pull Out Extension

Pull Out Extension

Source: @ourslowhouse

A handy pull out extension offers instant counter space. This neat kitchen design places the pull out at the end of the counter close to the sockets.

This gives you both shelf space and access to power points for larger appliances.

3. Store Mugs on 3 Tier Stand

Store Mugs on 3 Tier Stand

Source: @mood.indigo.lajolla

If you collect mugs or just have an obsession (like me) to keep buying more, you will find that they take up so much valuable space.

A 3 tier stand is perfect for holding loads of mugs. It also makes an attractive kitchen counter display.

4. Wire Basket

wire basket

Source: @woodfinshome

My next kitchen counter organizing tip is so easy to do! Use classic wire baskets like these to create efficient storage on your kitchen counter.

Use them to hold utensils, cloths, timers, recipe cards, and even fresh produce. They add a touch of rustic charm to a cottage-themed kitchen.

5. Bar Tray

bar tray

Source: @manor_designs

I love this organizing idea because it adds a touch of class to my kitchen counter and also prevents me from running around collecting drink items when guests drop in unexpectedly.

Get yourself a lovely silver tray like this and fill it with glass decanters,  wine and brand glasses, and a stylish ice bucket. Your bar corner is set up!

6. Glass Canisters

glass canisters

Source: @coffee_creatives_ke

If you love baking treats, biscuits, and other sugary delights, vintage glass canisters are the perfect containers to store them in.

They also help you organize your kitchen counter by keeping everything in one tempting place (and showing off your skills).

7. Glass Jars for Dry Food

Glass Jars for Dry Food

Source: @brightlineinspo

Glass jars are fabulous kitchen counter organizers! They look stylish, are easy to clean, offer visibility, and are versatile.

Get a selection in different sizes and use them for dry food like cereals, rice, beans, nuts and raisins, herbs and spices, and sweet treats,

8. Ceramic Pots for Utensils

ceramic pots for utensils

Source: @kuloer_ceramics

I get so frustrated looking for utensils when they are all mixed up in a drawer! That’s why this kitchen counter organizing idea really took my fancy.

Find some matching charming ceramic pots at a flea market, at the dollar store, or stuck away in your pantry. They are great for holding and displaying utensils.

9. Fruit and Veggie Bowl

fruit and veggie bowl

Source: @aleaha_c

If you want to tempt the family to eat more fresh fruit and veggies, don’t stash them away in the fridge!

Display them in a lovely fruit and veggie bowl on your kitchen counter. Your counter will look organised and appealing and the kids will enjoy a healthy treat.

10. DIY Utensil Organizer

DIY Utensil Organizer

Source: abeautifulmess.com

Here is a fabulous project for the family to do on a cold weekend. Create a DIY utensil organizer using an old wooden box, a wooden dowel, L-brackets, some pretty shelf paper, and a touch of paint.

Follow the easy steps and you have a cool counter organizer. You can further organize each section of the box using Mason jars, small fabric baskets, or plastic containers.

11. Glass Jars

glass jars

Source: @organisewithease

I LUV glass! It always looks clean and appealing. This counter organizing idea is certainly one that I will try.

The creator used multiple matching glass jars to store everything from rice to sugar, oats, beans, grains, nuts, spices, and more. Choose your style of lid from rustic wood to shiny metal to complement your kitchen décor theme.

12. Magnetic Knife Rack

magnetic knife rack

Source: instructables.com

If you are up for some cutting, sawing, and drilling, this home DIY project will challenge you to create a fabulous magnetic knife rack, at a low cost.

The rack has plenty of holding power for even the heaviest of knives and cleavers. The wall rack looks ultra-stylish and your knives are easily accessible.

13. Pot and Lid Dividers

pot and lid dividers

Source: @caraway_home

We all know the struggle of finding matching pots and lids when we are in a hurry to get cooking! This innovative counter organizing idea uses a pot and lid divider to solve the problem.

Here is a lovely bamboo divider I found on Amazon. Place two side-by-side for ample storage space. Bamboo looks stylish on your counter and promotes green living.

14. Utility Cart for more Countertop Space

Utility Cart for more Countertop Space

Source: @weekendcraft

When you are pressed for space in a small kitchen, get creative and take your large appliances off the counter!

How clever is this idea? The homeowner has found a cart that perfectly fits her instant pots. And, to save even more space, the cart can be pushed out of the way when not in use.

15. Wooden Tray

wooden tray

Source: @ijhouse.my

A simple wooden tray makes a great kitchen counter organizer. Decorate an old one with a paint technique, find one in the dollar store, or buy a lovely natural bamboo tray like this.

Use it to organize your wooden spoons, salt and pepper shakers, cooking oils, and other small items.

16. Corner Coffee Station

corner coffee station

Source: @valleyandbirch

If you are a coffee lover, you need a coffee station on your kitchen counter! No more scrambling around for mugs, spoons, and coffee pods before you start your day.

I love how this innovative homeowner uses a wooden cutting board like this to arrange everything and then places it next to her coffee maker. Very smart!

17. Chopping Board Holder

chopping board holder

Source: @upgrading_upton

Chopping boards are tricky to store and stacking them makes it nearly impossible to grab one without causing the whole pile to topple over.

This clever kitchen counter organizing idea stands the boards upright in a corner, taking up minimal space, while ensuring that they are easily accessible.

18. Store Appliances on shelves

store appliances on shelves

Source: @homemethodco

Kitchen appliances belong on the kitchen counter! Do they? Think again!

By removing all your bulky appliances off the counter, you create an open, clean space with no clutter and you have less stress.

Store your appliances on shelves out of the way. If you have shelf doors, even better, they are out of sight too.

19. Basket holder

basket holder

Source: @julie_eigenmann

Woven wicker baskets like these are so attractive to look at and are great for organizing kitchen counters.

This creative homeowner uses a lovely basket to store utensils, small wooden bowls, and glass dispensers for oil and vinegar. Organize yours to suit your style.

20. Above counter Utensil Hanging Holder

 Above counter Utensil Hanging Holder

Source: @maria.manorfields

Do you ignore wall space when looking for ways to organize? Unused wall space provides endless opportunities for storage.

A simple above counter hanging utensil holder will clear drawer and shelf space, create an attractive wall display, and also make your utensils more accessible.

21. Acrylic Tray

acrylic tray

Source: @alifebetterorganized

Organize your kitchen counter with an acrylic tray. By placing small items like salt and pepper, oil and vinegar, utensils, sugar and honey, together on a tray, you instantly create a neat and tidy vibe.

Clear acrylic trays look stylish, clean, and modern, perfect for a contemporary kitchen.

22. Metal Tray

metal tray

Source: @kathertzler

If wood and woven baskets are not your style, a classic metal tray looks just as appealing on a kitchen counter.

Collect all your loose bits and pieces like salt and pepper shakers, oil and vinegar bottles, utensils, sugar and honey pots, and corral them onto the tray. You are instantly organized.

23. Kitchen Food Cart for more counter space

 Kitchen Food Cart for more counter space

Source: @cookbook_cuisines

A kitchen cart on wheels is the ultimate idea for organizing small kitchens.

I love carts because they can be wheeled around and placed where I need them – next to the stove, out of the way in a corner, or even rolled to the dinner table.

Check out IKEA carts or take a look at this well-priced 3-tier rolling cart on Amazon.

24. Upcycle Old Baking Pan

upcycle old baking pan

Source: @kindredorganizing

I love an upcycling challenge – it is so rewarding to repurpose something old and forgotten.

This fun idea uses an old baking pan to declutter your kitchen counter. It is perfect for a farmhouse, rural, vintage, or barn-inspired kitchen décor theme.

25. Use Wall Space

wall space

Source: @alifebetterorganized

Wall space once again wins the prize for additional storage space! This idea is so neat, attractive, and easy to achieve.

Mount rails on your wall and use them to hold a mix of hanging wire baskets, small spice shelves, plate dividers, and metal utensil containers. Get creative and clear clutter off your counter in a jiffy.

26. Oil Tray

oil tray

Source: @life_with_farista

As an aspiring cook I have a multitude of oil bottles – but, I can never find what I need.

This lovely idea uses a classic wooden tray to store all your oils on the counter where they look super-upmarket and are easily accessible.

27. Store Cookbooks in shelves

Store Cookbooks in shelves

Source: @ingoodorderllc

Don’t let your cookbooks take up valuable counter space! Transparent pantry bins are ideal for storing cookbooks on a shelf or in a cabinet.

You can sort the books by category keeping them visible and organized. When the cooking mood strikes, simply pull out the bin you need and get inspired.

28. Hang Mugs

hang mugs

Source: @smallspacedesigns

Mugs, mugs, and more mugs! Don’t let your obsession with mugs use up all your valuable kitchen counter space.

A rail with hooks like this allows you to hang up your mugs, keeping them visible, easily accessible, and frees up valuable counter space.

29. Appliance Counter

appliance counters

Source: @ahousewebuilt

When you have loads of appliances, you need to get organized, or you will find yourself with endless clutter and no working space.

This innovative homeowner has a pantry shelf exclusively for appliances. They also have a row of power outlets along the wall so that everything can be plugged in where it stands. Super stylish and modern!

Unfortunately – this may not work in tiny kitchens with limited shelf space, but if you missed it, I have another option at No 18 – Store Appliances on shelves.

30. Floating Shelves

floating shelves

Source: @anthonyhamilton_smith_design

This exquisite handmade wooden floating shelf is a stunning addition to a kitchen.

You can achieve a similar look by mounting store-bought wooden floating shelves and staining them a rich, dark color. Use them for spices, small appliances, glass storage bottles, bowls, and even recipe books.

31. Wall Pockets

wall pockets

Source: @oddbirdcompany

My last counter organizing idea (for now) uses fabric wall pockets to add a cozy country vibe to your kitchen and provide versatile storage space.

They are ideal for holding utensils, small bottles, drying cloths, pens, letters, and bills. Get creative and make your own or take a look at this lovely set of 3 wall pockets in yellow, gray, and green.

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