21 The Best Kids Closet Organization Hacks

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Kids and closets can spell ‘major stress’, especially when they are small and disorganized.

Today, I’ve got 21 kids closet organization hacks that will help you sort, arrange, tidy, pack, streamline, and organize, finding extra space you never knew you had.

Happy hacking and let me know which ideas work best for you!

Kids Closet Organization Ideas

1. Basket Storage

basket storage

Source: @thecreativemom

Let’s get started with baskets! Baskets are ideal for organizing kid’s closets because they have no hard edges or corners that can hurt little hands.

Woven baskets like these can be used to store toys, games, puzzles, action figures, cars, and dolls. They can also hold seasonal clothing, ensuring that the closet stays relevant throughout the year.

2. Shelves


Source: @buildandcreatehome

How neat and attractive is this shelving design? I can’t wait to ‘borrow’ this idea for a teen’s room makeover.

The shelves are perfect for jeans and t-shirts and I would put sneakers on the lowest shelf and caps on the top. If the closet remains tidy, (hopefully), you do not need to put on doors.

3. Labelled Compartments

labelled compartments

Source: @thisorganizedchaosnj

Here is an innovative kids closet organization hack for younger kids.

Buy some sturdy stackable bins with dividers like these. Stack the bins low on the floor so that kids can reach them.

Label the compartments with colorful pictures of what is inside – tops, swimwear, undies, sweaters, shorts, and shoes! A fun and smart idea to help kids get organized.

4. Baskets


Source: @jkdec_or

This is another clever use of baskets. Maximize your space by folding clothes into rectangular shapes and arranging them vertically for easy access.

Find fun colorful baskets in different sizes. They will add a playful touch and a splash of character to the room.

5. Behind The Door Rail

behind the door rail

Source: @neatlittlenest

When I see a door, I do not see storage space, but, I need to think out of the box!

A behind the door rail like this offers hanging space for belts, scarves, caps, small bags, hoodies, jackets, ties, lanyards, headphones, and more.

By moving all these items to the door rail, you instantly free up loads of storage space that you never knew you had in a tiny closet.

6. Cube Storage/Cubbies

storage cubbies

Source: @bestnestbyjulie

Get the kids involved in a tidying-up session. Cube storage like this makes it fun to sort and organize toys, clothes, shoes, games, puzzles, books, blankets, and soft teddies.

Place the cubes at floor level so that little people can access them easily.

7. Hang everyday play clothes low in reach and hang special pieces higher

Hang everyday play clothes low in reach and hang special pieces higher

Source: @the.courtney.collective

Here is a smart closet organizing hack that will promote independent dressing in your little ones.

And, it is a guaranteed way to avoid those early morning stress-sessions when everyone is rushing around getting ready for the day.

Store everyday play and pre-school clothes low in reach and hang special pieces higher. This can apply to adult closets too!

8. Door Hanging Organization

Source: liketoknow.it

Take a look at this stylish door hanging organizer from Amazon. It features 6 large pockets, see-through windows, and 12 side pockets.

Make use of wasted space behind a door to organize sporting gear, school bags, toys, clothing, shoes, games, and more. Then, make the organizer even more functional by labelling each section.

9. Colorful Baskets

colorful baskets

Source: @lovinghereblog

I am completely smitten with this idea! And, any little girl who lives in a rainbow-filled world will adore it too.

Buy some charming colorful fabric baskets or some colorful plastic baskets like these and place them on your shelves.

Now, let your creativity flow and extend the colors onto the wall in a delightful rainbow design. It is so simple yet so impactful.

10. IKEA Pax Wardrobe

IKEA Pax wardrobe

Source: @onesqftatime

I can’t talk about organizing without mentioning my all-time fave storage closet organization hack – IKEA.

This homeowner put together an IKEA PAX wardrobe that includes multi-level hanging space, open shelving, and drawers. Note how every inch of space in the closet has been cleverly used.

This IKEA PAX unit gives you everything you need to organize an entire room in one neat module.

11. Drawers


Source: @neatlybay

Drawers in kid’s rooms don’t have to be bulky heavy units that constantly get stuck on their rails.

This lightweight, versatile set of drawers is perfect for a little girl’s room and instantly organizes the closet.

Check out this neat set of plastic drawers I found on Amazon. It requires no installation and has wheels, making it even more versatile and easy to move around.

12. Clear Drawers

clear drawers

Source: @alittlejandk

Clear drawers allow kids to easily see what is inside. I am sold on this organizing hack – no more rummaging through drawers or leaving them abandoned and open.

Your kid’s room will look so much tidier and little ones will feel empowered to put together the outfit they want without help from adults.

13. Sorting Bins

sorting bins

Source: @gracefulspacesorganizing

Keeping kid’s clothes relevant for the season goes a long way toward reducing stress and making life simpler.

Start by making a plan for the week’s outfits, ensuring you have enough tops, pants, shoes, uniforms, and dresses on hand.

Buy a set of sorting bins like these and get the kids involved. Label them “seasonal”, “trash”, “donate”, and “repair” and start sorting.

14. Baskets


Source: @time4organizing

When you want to organize a LOT in a hurry, baskets are a must!

Choose fabric, plastic, or woven baskets. Go for clear or colorful, stand-alone or stackable.

Baskets offer endless opportunities to mix and match and make the best use of closet space.

15. Wire Baskets

wire baskets

Source: @cleanandcollected

I’m luvin’ these cute little wire baskets in this kid’s closet. They are ideal for storing small clothing items like caps, hair bands, socks, gloves, scarves, and underwear.

You can also use them for bath toys, balls, small toys, books, stuffed toys, and teddies. Everything is visible and within reach, and they add a touch of charm to the décor theme.

16. Closet Rod Dividers

closet rod dividers

Source: @sortandsimplifyorganizing

This closet organization hack is fab for small closets that need to be packed to capacity.

Closet rod dividers will help separate clothes by siblings, by seasons, school vs play, sports gear vs smart outfits, and day wear vs sleepwear. Set them up to suit your needs!

17. Seasonal Baskets

seasonal baskets

Source: @simplifybuffalo

Learn a lesson from a squirrel and stash away acorns, I mean clothes,  for another season. Sorting clothing into seasonal baskets makes me so happy.

I free up space, reduce the stress of kids not finding what they want, and I get a chance to take out old, broken, in-need-of-repair, and outgrown items.

A large woven plastic or fabric bin makes the perfect closet organization hack for seasonal storage.

18. Bow and Headband Display

bow and headband display

Source: @spacewiseco

Girls can’t be runway-ready without bows and headbands, but finding them in a messy drawer may be a challenge.

I love how this designer has organized a myriad of bows and headbands using small wire baskets and innovative headband organizers like this.

The display looks so adorable, pretty, and colorful! This is a must-have for any little girl’s room.

19. Clear Containers for Toys

clear containers for toys

Source: @heychantelljoy

Clear containers are the perfect organization hack for kid’s toys.

They can be labelled and best of all, little ones can see what is inside! No more dumping loads of toys onto the floor to find what they need.

This savvy Mom has a great rule – one new toy in means one old toy out – to donate, trash, or give to a sibling. A great way to teach kids how to value their storage space.

20. Drawer Dividers

drawer dividers

Source: @gracefulspacesorganizing

In my house, every drawer in my kid’s closet has the potential of turning into a chaotic mess! But, I got smart and solved the problem by installing versatile drawer dividers like these.

The dividers can be adjusted to fit most drawers in your home and are also great for kitchen, study, workshop, pantry, guest room, and bathroom drawers.

Now, even my junk drawer looks like it has its act together!

21. Wall Hooks

wall hooks

Source: @themarshallconcept

When you are faced with a small closet and are in dire need of space –  think wall hooks.

Walls are usually overlooked, but they offer loads of potential for smart storage hacks.

Attach wall hooks and hang up school bags, scarves, caps, hats, shoes, sporting gear, and backpacks for older kids. You can also use them to hang up toy organizers for the younger ones.

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