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31 DIY Dollar Store Craft Room Organizing Ideas

Do you have a myriad of items lying around in your craft room? And, do you still want to buy more? I know the feeling!

The thing is, if you don’t organize your craft room, you will end up spending money on products you may not need or already have.

Here are 31 budget-friendly DIY dollar store craft room organizing ideas that will help turn your craft room into a haven of order, ready for your next project.

DIY Dollar Store Craft Room Organization Ideas

1. Bins for Cart

Source: @threetreeslove

Step One of craft room organizing is done with these nifty little bins for a cart. My cart is usually overflowing with hundreds of items and I can never find a thing!

These fabulous lightweight plastic storage bins come in a pack of 7 in different colors.

I love that they have no extended handles that take up space. They are also stackable, giving you even more space to fill with crafty delights.

2. Glass Canisters

Source: @kimpr0vements

Glass canisters are a must for storing buttons, ribbons, Washi tapes, trinkets, glitters, mosaic tiles, beads, scissors, pom-poms, sequins, and anything else that you need to be able to see at a glance.

These apothecary-style glass canisters add a vintage feel to any craft room. You can also buy glass canisters with lids that screw closed to prevent thousands of seed beads from falling out and decorating your floor.

3. Foam Boards for wrapping and storing fabric

Source: @thelittlegreenbean

If you have a corner in your craft room filled with scrunched-up pieces of fabric – you need this dollar store DIY organizing tip!

Don’t be envious when you see this fabulous storage cabinet from thelittlegreenbean. You can do the same by buying dollar store foam boards, cutting them to size, and wrapping your fabric around them.

4. Tidy Tubs

Source: @happilyeverelementary

Get Tidy Tubs to Tidy Up! Versatile tubs will hold anything in your craft room from scissors to paper, cutting boards, paint pots, molding clay blocks, and more.

This well-priced set of 6 clear plastic bins is great because you can see what is inside. And, if you want to organize even more, label them with fun colored removable labels

5. DIY Drawer Organizers with Cardstock

Source: @jennifer.maker

If you are a whizz using cardstock for scrapbooking, card making, paper flowers, or photo frames, you have probably never considered using it for organizing!

Well, take a look at this amazing idea. Cut up your cardstock and turn it into mix-and-match DIY drawers in any size and color you desire. So much cheaper and more fun than buying overpriced drawer dividers.

6. Washi Tape Storage


The trick with Washi Tapes is to have them all accessible when you need them! My collection of Washi Tapes is all mixed up in a dusty box, so I was overjoyed to find this DIY dollar store organizing idea.

Using peel-and-stick hooks like these, a magnet frame, and a few 12-inch wooden dowel sticks, you can create an impressive wall display as well as a functional storage area.

And, because it looks so pretty, you can show off your collection when friends come around. 

7. 3-Tier Craft Storage


Here is a crafty project idea that gives you more storage space for your crafty projects. Don’t get confused!

Visit the dollar store and buy two candlesticks and three cake pans.

Choose a can of spray paint in a color that suits your décor theme. I love vintage old-gold, but you can use rust, silver, bronze, or copper.

When you are done sticking and spraying, you have a 3-tier stand for craft supplies, a fruit display, a school supplies and snack tray, or a stand for decadent chocolates.

8. Craft Room Pegboard


Walls don’t come to mind when I am looking for extra storage in my messy craft room. But I hadn’t thought of pegboards!

Lightweight pegboards from the dollar store can be mounted side by side on a wall and used to hold anything that can hang.

And, if it can’t hang – here is another crafty hack – these super cheap mesh pencil holders have holes that can be hooked. Now you can hang paintbrushes, clay molding knives, pens, pencils, and markers.

9. Slat Wall


If pegboards are not for you, how about a stylish slat wall?

Try out your DIY skills and mount rows of slats inside a frame. Add some hooks and you have a versatile wall organizer for your craft room.

You can buy a ready-made slat wall kit like this, or take a trip to the dollar store to save money.

10. DIY Glitter shakers


I cannot resist the allure of covering my craft projects in sparkly glitter! But as you know, it goes everywhere and my dinner guests don’t enjoy finding it in their roast chicken.

Storing glitter can be a challenge, especially if you buy it in bulk plastic packets. This DIY dollar store organizing tip uses cheap clear cheese or spice shakers like these to store and display all your glitter dreams.

11. Mason Jar Craft Storage


Mason jars bring a hint of nostalgia to my craft room. They also provide perfect storage for everything from beads to rubber bands, ribbons, mosaic tiles, buttons, cotton reels, pens and pencils, markers, sequins, pipe cleaners ….

I am a fan of mason jars because –

– You can see through the clear glass

– You can decorate the lids

– They close tight, so nothing spills out

12. Acrylic Bin Craft Vinyl Storage


Vinyl rolls are an integral part of a craft room, especially if you have a

Cricut machine. But, they are bulky and difficult to store.

Take a clue from Abby at Abby Organizes – Set off to the dollar store and buy clear acrylic bins in different sizes.

Start by discarding small vinyl scraps that are too small to use. Then remove the cardboard tubes inside the rolls to save space.

Sort your rolls by size and color and stand them upright in the bins for easy access. You are organized!

13. Curtain Rod Gift Wrap Storage


Another product that tends to ‘roll around’ in my craft room is gift wrap! These pesky rolls just never stay in one place.

This innovative idea uses a curtain rod, and adhesive clips and hooks. You can hang your gift wrap rolls behind a door, in a closet, or against an unused wall.

I love this idea because I can easily see what colors and designs I have.

14. Small Embellishment Jars

Source: @jessica_rosestitch

Once you become a serious crafter, you know never to throw away any type of container. Spice jars, tins, sweet jars, and shakers are a must-have for storage.

Wash them well, allow them to air dry, and then sort out all your beads, mosaic tiles, ribbons, glitters, trinkets, drawing pens, rulers … just keep going. Your closet will look impressive and you can see where everything is.

15. Clothespin Embroidery Threads


Calling all embroidery and sewing crafters – this smart idea really got me thinking!

Using a wooden frame and dollar store wooden clothespins, Amy from Ameroonie Designs has created a fabulous wall display to store her threads and floss, all neatly color-coded.

And, best of all, the peg opens just enough to clip the loose end in place, so you don’t have to waste time trying to find it when all you want to do is get crafting.

16. Pegboard Yarn Wall


Wow, this dollar store storage idea blows me away!

Not only are all the knitting and crochet yarns easily accessible and perfectly sorted, but, it also creates a stunning 12 feet wide by 4 feet tall wall decor piece. Incredible!

Get yourself pegboards, spacers, screws, and hooks. You will also need an easy-to-use hand operated yarn winder like this to make center-pull wool balls or wool cakes as they are called (nope – not the type you eat).

17. Twine Holders


I always find that twine balls have such a warm, nostalgic feel to them.

This storage idea uses wooden dowels and wooden boards to create a stylish storage display with a rustic touch. To add some vintage vibes, use chalk paint and decorate your stands with shabby-chic flair.

18. Plastic Cup Yarn Container


If you find that mounting pegboards or hanging wall frames is not for you, this DIY dollar store storage idea for yarns requires no heavy-duty labor!

Fun colored plastic cups are a great alternative. Ensure that lids fit snugly and that they have a straw hole in the middle. Slip your yarn ball inside, pull the loose end through the hole and you are done!

You can also use fast-food milkshake cups, party soft drink cups, or empty Tic Tac containers.

19. Clear Containers

Source: @visionandhammer

Overbuying is something that most crafters do, including me! And, to make an excuse, it is because I don’t know what I have in my craft room.

So, I took heed of this easy idea and sorted out all my stuff. All you need are a bunch of dollar store plastic containers with cut-out handles that can stack neatly.

20. Mason Jar Pen and Pencil Holders

Source: @bethanneblackcreates

I previously mentioned Mason jars being awesome because they have lids that seal. But, what do you do with Mason jars with lost lids?

Easy – use them for your pens and pencils! Don’t buy overpriced stationery holders. Mason jars are perfect for pens, pencils, highlighters, khokis, chalk markers, calligraphy pens, gel markers, metallic pens, and even paint brushes.

21. Plastic Bins Craft Rack

Source: @shesocraftdee

It’s time to get serious about your craft room! Invite your DIY-loving bestie over and build a craft rack like this.

The rack holds plastic bins that you can find at the dollar store, or, take a look at these clear plastic bins with latching lids from Amazon.

Make sure you choose bins with lids that extend over the body of the container so that they can rest on the wooden ledges.

22. Wall Organizer


This, for me, is the ultimate wall organizer. If you follow the instructions you will have a fabulous storage area for almost any craft item from scissors to sequins, cotton reels to craft knives, rulers to ribbons, glue to glitter.

All the components can be found at your dollar store, and the finished item won’t break the bank.

23. DIY Storage Boxes


Storing craft items in old cardboard boxes does the job, but, as crafters, we can do so much better!

This fun idea uses fabric cutoffs to decorate shipping boxes, diaper boxes, or even smaller tissue boxes. Add a personal touch with Ric Rac, handmade paper flowers, Cricut labels, or loads of glitter. 

24. Button Jars


Do you remember playing with your Grandma’s button jar? Why not do the same in your craft room?

Mason jars are great button organizers. Sort your buttons into colors and sizes and admire your stylish collection. Then label the lids using chalk paint, Cricut labels, handmade labels, calligraphy pens, or whichever crafty technique takes your fancy.

25. Glass Jars

Source: @lisaannmensing

Glass jars are a staple in any craft room because you can easily see what is inside, making organizing a breeze. I love glass as it cleans so well and always looks new and fresh.

If you aspire to a green lifestyle, glass is the perfect choice instead of plastic.

Save all your jam, ketchup, pickles, and mayo glass bottles and decorate them with paint, labels, ribbons, or cutouts. If you need more, head to the dollar store and buy a cheap set of 12 to add to your arsenal. 

26. Nail Polish Organizers for Paint

Source: @lisasoares

Nail technicians know how to display nail polish to tempt their clients! Why not ‘steal’ this idea for our craft rooms?

A nail polish organizer is the perfect holder for small paint tubes, glitter pots, jars of glue, brushes, bottles of beads, and more.

This acrylic nail polish organizer from Amazon is well-priced, lightweight, and easy to install.

27. Cupcake Tower Craft Organizer


I have just discovered a great way to lose weight! I am going to fill my cupcake holder with crafty items instead of decadent cupcakes.

Find your grandma’s old cupcake holder, dust it off, and give it a refreshing spray of metallic paint. Fill each holder with a small glass jar to store your pins, beads, buttons, brooches, and ribbons.

To make it even more snazzy, stand it on a dollar store lazy susan turntable so you can spin it in style to find what you need.

28. Labeled Organizer Pouches

Source: @freshstartorganizer

I find that soft pouches sometimes work better than solid plastic containers. They are ideal for fabrics, wool, ribbons, felt, mesh, small stones, pom poms, and other items that can ‘squash’ down to save space.

Look for zip-up pouches that are transparent so you can see what’s inside. Add your personal-touch labels and you are now an organizing whizz!

29. Dish Rack Vinyl Holder

Source: @suddenlysimpleorganizing

Disk racks are so much more exciting when they are used in a craft room and not in a kitchen. I mean, who enjoys washing dishes?

This cool storage idea uses a dollar store dish rack and a piece of strong twine. It makes a perfect holder for vinyl rolls and gift wrap rolls.

30. Gift Wrap Organizer


I am not one for storing shoes behind my door, so when I was gifted with a shoe organizer, I was not sure what to do with it. The solution came from this idea by Angie Holden!

Use it to store gift wrap, wrapping paper, and gift bags. Because it is clear, it is easy to see what you have and what you are missing.

31. Ribbon Holder


Paper towel stands in my kitchen are more often empty than not, and then I take strain knowing that I have to go to the store and replenish them.

Problem solved – I moved the paper towel stand like this into my craft room and used it to store all my ribbons. It is so easy to pull out the amount of ribbon I need and snip!