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20 DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts

Crafting during Valentine’s can be super fun! Try these DIY projects with your loved one.
diy crafts for valetnines day

Valentine’s Day brings to mind the little bags you made as a kid to hold your Valentine’s, ribbons tied around lollipops, and foam hearts with glitter and glue.

These grown-up versions of those crafts are just as fun, and some are even easy enough for your kids to help out with. What better way to gift a teacher than with a DIY craft from a sweet student?

Though you may have some of these supplies on hand, a trip to the crafts store may be warranted, but if you love crafting, you’ll love any excuse to head there and check out what’s new!

1. Paper Strip Heart Decorations

Paper Strip Heart Decorations


You don’t need a lot of money or fancy materials to make simple hanging hearts out of paper.

In fact, you can use whatever you have hanging around, whether it’s scrapbook paper like this or leftover scraps from other projects.

You can use a paper trimmer to cut the paper pieces into strips; each heart requires six strips. Mix up the patterns and colors for more interesting hearts.

Stack the strips, staple the ends, and curve them into a heart shape. Use a glue dot to keep the heart together, and hang the hearts with ribbon or string.

2. Valentine’s Day Heart-Shaped Wreath

Heart-Shaped Wreath


This adorable wreath will catch the eyes of anyone coming to your door or your classroom. It’s also simple to make.

You’ll need a heart-shaped foam wreath like this, scrapbook paper, straight pins, a paper trimmer, and ribbon.

To create this beautiful wreath, you’ll use a handy paper trimmer to cut paper strips that measure ½ inches by 12 inches.

Then, curl the strips with scissors or a bone folder. Secure the curled strips to the styrofoam wreath until it’s covered. Hang it with a matching colored ribbon.

3. Cute Conversation Candy Box

Conversation Candy Box


Perfect for kids’ Valentine’s treats, this soft felt heart-themed candy box is super sweet.

To make this craft, you’ll need pink, red, green, blue, and white felt, along with heart-shaped buttons, clear craft vinyl, stuffing, and thread.

You can stock up on heart-shaped buttons here.

Use the templates to create the hearts. Follow the instructions to easily stitch the craft together using the templates in the link. Fill the box with small candies and treats!

4. Lollipop Valentine’s Rose

Lollipop Valentine's Rose


There are few things sweeter than candy and flowers on Valentine’s Day; why not combine the two into one adorable and delicious craft?

Make an edible Valentine’s rose with foam glitter hearts, Tootsie Pops or Blow Pops and a hot glue gun. Here is a hot glue gun I recommend getting for the crafting.

Simply glue several layers of the hearts around the base of the sucker, going up and around until the hearts form the shape of a flower. These are cute additions to a card and gift on V-Day.

Kids will love the fact that they can help make these or maybe even make them on their own.

5. Love Monsters

Love Monsters


Not all monsters are scary. In fact, these fluffy critters are coming to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Make cute creatures with yarn, a pom pom maker (this comes in handy for multiple craft projects), googly eyes, foam hearts, glue, and pipe cleaners.

Use the pom-pom maker like this to make oversized pink or red pom-poms, then glue the pipe cleaners onto the top of the pom-pom for the antenna.

Glue foam hearts on the antenna, and add the google eyes to the front of the pom-pom. The pom-pom should be thick enough that the monster can stand on his own.

6. Beautiful Yarn Hearts

Beautiful Yarn Hearts


These yarn hearts have an almost shabby chic vibe that would be perfect for filling a glass vase with, adding to a wreath, or stringing into a garland.

Use this heart-shaped cookie cutter and thin sheets of foam to create as many hearts as you desire.

Choose whatever color of yarn you like, and wrap the hearts with the yarn, going in different directions and back and forth until the heart is covered.

Go with a theme, such as pastel-colored hearts or brightly-colored yarn for the hearts.

Add a bit of glue to secure the yarn.

7. Ombre Heart Tree

Ombre Heart Tree


Ombre is always on-trend, and it looks really cute in this craft. Valentine’s Day trees of various sizes look great grouped together as a table display.

Use some short candlesticks and foam trees to form the bases of the trees. Then, glue paper hearts pointing downward in layers around the tree until you get to the top.

Start with red, pink, then white to create the ombre effect. Top off the tree with an oversized heart pick. You could also use other colors such as lavender or make super chic black-to-gray ombre trees.

8. Quick Heart Wall Art

Quick Heart Wall Art


Short on time but looking for a cute, crafty decoration? This fits the bill.

To make these, gather up a small square canvas, premade flowers of different sizes, a couple of sheets of scrapbook paper, glue dots, and the included heart template.

Print out the template, use it to make a scrapbook paper heart, then glue the flowers to the heart. The other piece of scrapbook paper goes on the canvas to form the background.

The heart with the flowers goes on the paper background. Then, let it dry and hang it up! Cute, easy wall art.

9. Valentine’s Rocks

Valentine's Rocks


Remember those pet rocks from the ’70s? This is a cute twist on that idea. All you need are some rocks that have a fairly flat surface, some red craft paint, and a thin black permanent marker like these.

Use your thumbprints to make hearts on the rocks. Once the hearts dry, use the marker to make a face, arms, and legs on the heart. You can write a message, too.

Use cute puns like “Our love rocks” or “You rock” and add them to a cute card or small gift.

10. Caterpillar Heart

Caterpillar Heart


Craft this cute caterpillar that kids will love out of adorable hearts. Grab some paper, scissors, googly eyes, glue, and a black marker.

Stock up on these googly eyes here.

Cut out five small hearts and one larger heart. Glue the five hearts in a line to form the caterpillar’s body, while the larger heart will be his head.

Glue on googly eyes, and use the marker to draw legs and a face.

11. Paper Plate Wreath

Paper Plate Wreath


You don’t need a wreath form to make a super sweet wreath for Valentine’s Day. This is a cute craft for kids to make, too.

Create hearts of different sizes and colors using construction paper or scrapbook paper. You can use the included template or freehand them.

Cut the middle of the paper plate out. Glue hearts randomly all over the rim of the paper plate.

Glue a bit of ribbon to the top to hang the wreath.

Kids may also want to add glitter or other customizations to their wreaths.

12. Shabby Chic Burlap and Grapevine Wreath

Shabby Chic Burlap and Grapevine Wreath


This wreath is simple, but it looks like you purchased it at a boutique.

To create this chic craft, all you need is a grapevine wreath form like this of any size, some Valentine’s Day picks, burlap, a glue gun, and wooden hearts or other decorations.

Stock up on burlap here and save money!

Use the grapevine to hold the burlap in place and enhance the rest of the wreath with the decorations and picks until you like how it looks. Voila! Custom wreath.

13. Heart Burlap Pillow

Heart Burlap Pillow


You can use an existing pillow for this craft and make it even easier, or sew your own simple pillow from burlap fabric.

Cut out the template and use it to stitch the heart onto the pillow with ribbon and tie it.

This is a cute, simple craft and you don’t need to know how to sew to create this holiday pillow.

14. Painted Mason Jars

Painted Mason Jars


Mason jars are the unsung heroes of crafting. There are so many things you can do with them, and these cute painted jars are no exception.

Using latex paint, cover jars with a brush. Then, once the paint is dry, you can jazz up the jars with twine, glitter hearts, or other decorations.

Group several together of various colors, or use differently-sized jars to make an impact. These have a cozy and cute feel that looks adorable on an entry table.

Stock up on mason jars here.

15. Melted Beads Mobile

Melted Beads Mobile


Kids will love helping with this craft. You can make cool-looking stained glass-style hearts by melting beads of different colors.

To create this craft, you’ll need plastic beads, either red and clear, pink and clear, or a mix of different colors.

Grab a silicone tray like this with heart shapes, a stick, ribbon, scissors, and a glue gun.

You’ll melt the hearts in the oven, then when they’re cool, glue them to string or ribbon, wrap or glue them around a stick, and hang them outside.

When the beads hit each other, they make a lovely sound that’s perfect for wind chimes! It’s cute for inside decor, too.

16. LOVE Sign



Word signs are popular, and they can also be pricey. Make your own to cut costs.

Buy wooden letters to spell out the word “love” or any other word you would like to spell. Use Krylon paint and sandpaper to customize the color of the letters.

Then, use tacks to cover the letters with oversized sequins. This is a super simple craft. In the tutorial, the letters and sequins are gold, but you could just as easily use another color.

17. Marbley Mason Jar

Marbley Mason Jar


Once again, Mason jars are the perfect project starter. These stylish, marbleized jars are a super cute way to store Valentine’s Day treats.

You’ll need to follow the instructions to create the marbled effect. This requires a Martha Stewart product called Marbling Medium along with several shades of paint.

This could get very messy, so if your kids are helping, you may want to cover their clothes and hands.

The end effect is so cute that after Valentine’s Day, you may want to use these to store hair accessories or jewelry!

18. Pillowy Felt Hearts

Pillowy Felt Hearts


Soft, sweet felt hearts can be used for a multitude of crafting ideas. You could hang them up at different heights, create a mobile, or tuck one into a Valentine’s gift bag.

To make them, you’ll need felt, fiberfill, embellishments like ribbons and hearts or buttons, embroidery floss, and a stapler.

You don’t need to have sewing knowledge, but you’ll be stitching these simple hearts together, decorating them, and stuffing them with fiberfill per the instructions.

Don’t forget to find the perfect heart template or use templates of different sizes for small and large hearts.

19. Foxy Popsicle Sticks

Foxy Popsicle Sticks


A perfect craft for kids, these fox heads make an adorable Valentine DIY for small hands.

Glue three craft sticks together to form a triangle. Use scrapbook or construction paper to make the fox’s face, eyes, nose, and ears.

Let kids paint the craft sticks to match the fox’s face. These are versatile too, and you can add a magnet to the back, add ribbon to hang them, or frame them to make a tiny fox portrait!

20. Valentine Banner DIY Pillow

Valentine Banner DIY Pillow


One of the easiest ways to decorate your home for any holiday is by changing out your toss pillows for seasonal/themed ones.

Instead of buying pillows, make your own!

To create this cute pillow, you’ll use fabric scraps to make it more interesting and create a cute ‘garland’ across the pillow.

You will need some sewing knowledge and supplies for this pillow. This also makes a great gift for a teacher or friend.


Are you going to try any of these valentine’s crafts?