23 The Most Clever Closet Organization Hacks

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Don’t close your eyes and hope for the best every time you open your closet.

Let’s unravel the mysteries of a disorganized closet!

Here are 23 brilliant closet organization hacks that are life-changing. Get organized, reduce stress, and feel so much better every time you need to find something in a closet.

Closet Organizing Hacks

1. Clear Shelf Dividers

clear shelf dividers

Source: @macmomorganizing

Having clothes piled up in heaps on a single wide shelf can be incredibly frustrating when they constantly topple over onto each other.

But, adding dividers only obstructs the view of the shelf making it harder to see and access my clothing.

This life-changing hack is the solution! Use clear shelf dividers like these. They keep piles neat and give you a clear view. Genius!

2. Clear Pocket Door Organizer

clear pocked door organizer

Source: bhg.com

Let’s start with my fave hack of the day – a clear pocket door organizer, perfect to hang inside a kid’s closet.

You can use it to store bathing suits, cover-ups, caps, sandals, sun cream, and anything else that kids need to get hold of fast for a summer day.

I have more than one! I use them for shoes, school stationery and notes, and even small toys. They are so versatile and being plastic, you can wash them easily when they get grubby.

3. Organize by seasons

organize by seasons

Source: @saralwest_socoorganizer

Are you scrummaging through summer bathing suits to find a winter sweater? Get organized and sort your clothing by season!

This life-changing closet organizing hack will maximize your space, save you time, reduce stress, and save you money.

By storing off-season items in a different section, you’ll easily access what you need, see what you have at a glance, and avoid purchasing duplicates of clothes you already own.

4. Color and Style Coordination

color and style coordination

Source: @spifforganizing

Don’t step out in mismatched outfits. Become an instant fashionista with this closet organizing hack.

Sort your clothes by color and style. You will get dressed in record time, have zero stress, and gain a newfound sense of control over your life.

5. Accessory Storage

accessory storage

Source: @well_arranged_home

I always find that accessories are so hard to store and organize. They are small, oddly shaped, and often get tangled or lost.

A pull out tray is the perfect organization hack for accessories. Sort your earrings into compartments, lay your belts flat, and roll up scarves. It is like a mini boutique in your closet! 

6. Matching Hangers

matching hangers

Source: @organize_prioritize

After seeing this beautifully designed closet, I tossed all my mismatched hangers and bought a set of 36 white matching hangers like these.

The look is neat, clean, cohesive, and organized. When I open the closet, I feel so calm! It is amazing how a simple life-changing hack makes a world of difference to my day.

7. Less is More

less is more

Source: @tidylittletribe

Cluttered closets packed to capacity can be overwhelming, especially for kids. I am totally on board with the LESS is MORE concept!

Simplicity is key – declutter and organize by –

Removing seasonal clothing

Tossing old or unwearable items

Packing items by color and style

Adding labelled storage bins or baskets

8. Labelled Baskets

labelled baskets

Source: @madisonbustamante

This closet organizing hack inspired me to upgrade my linen closet. I bought durable stylish woven baskets like these and labelled them.

By separating sheets, pillowcases, blankets, bath towels, comforters, napkins, beach towels, and tablecloths, I can find anything I need at a moment’s notice.

9. Purse Stands

purse stands

Source: @teresalaucar

This organization hack is so stylish! You now have a fancy store display in your home closet.

Use purse stands like these to hang up your bags. You can also fill the bags with packing material (from your online orders) to ensure that they keep their shape. I am absolutely captivated by this stunning opulent gold color.

10. Basket Storage

basket storage

Source: @happy.homes.organizing

Woven baskets blend perfectly into a combination closet storage system. I love how this hack uses open shelves, pull out drawers, and baskets of different sizes to get organized.

Here are some classic woven baskets that I found on Amazon. They are made from sustainable water hyacinth, an eco-friendly natural material. This gives me a good feeling, knowing that I am doing my part to help save the planet.

11. Hat Hangers

hat hangers

Source: @staygoldenorganizing

Teens cannot get enough caps, hats, and beanies! Setting up a rail of hat hangers will keep their collection organized and accessible, while also adding a cool vibe to their room.

You can use a tension rod like this and S hooks to make a DIY cost-effective hanger.

12. Felt Bins for Extra Storage

felt bins for extra storage

Source: @happy.homes.organizing

Felt bins like these add a warm, cozy ambiance to a room. They are an innovative way to create extra storage space.

I like to place them on open shelves as decorative pieces and inside a closet for storing delicate items. Their soft texture and neutral tones blend well with most décor themes.

13. Linen Bins for Sheet Storage

linen bins for sheet storage

Source: @afreshspace

After spending hours ironing sheets, it is devastating to see them get crushed and wrinkled in a disheveled linen closet. All that time and energy for nothing!

This brilliant closet organizing hack uses linen bags for sheet storage. Store them in the bins in matching sets, where they remain pristine, flat, fresh, and ready for use.

14. Hat Stands

hat stands

Source: @whitswhims

These chic hat stands will sort out any organization headaches you have. Stand them on a top shelf above your hanging clothes and your storage baskets.

The stands are great for your beach hats, wide-brim hats, fascinators, berets, and the fabulous creation (that you will probably never wear, but had to have) that you picked up at the quirky little boutique.

Your closet will look elegant and functional. Hat’s off to this hack!

15. Separate Tops and Bottoms

seperate tops and bottoms

Source: @bluepencilhome

Often in this busy life, we don’t always think in the most logical way – I know I don’t. So when I stumbled upon this common sense closet organizing hack, my reaction was “Well …yes of course!

Set up your closet with multiple hanging rails and hang tops on the top and bottoms on the bottom. It makes it so easy to mix and match and create multiple looks that you would never have combined before.

16. Wall Hooks for Hats

wall hooks for hats

Source: @primspace

If you were not sold on my previous Hat Stand idea – here is another awesome hack for hanging hats!

Create a wall gallery of hats with adhesive wall hat hooks like these. Not only does the space look awesome, but the hooks are specially designed to preserve the shape of the hats.

17. Ombre Jean Organization

ombre jean organization

Source: @sageorganizingco

Do you know that there are hundreds of tones of blue jeans ranging from jet black to washed-out gray? If you are a fashionista, you probably have most of them!

Organize your denim jeans in an ombre style – darkest to lightest and then hang them in a closet using S hooks. You have a jean-art masterpiece to choose from for that OOTD.

18. Bag and Purse Shelf

bag and purse shelf

Source: @theorganizergirl

Don’t leave your bags and purses scattered all around the house, where they will become clutter and get lost in the chaos.

By installing a dedicated bag and purse shelf above your clothing rail, you will make the most of vacant space and quickly organize these essential accessories.

20. Shoe Shelves

shoe shelves

Source: @sylviematthewsorganizing

Are you still storing shoes on the floor, where they all topple over and turn into shoe mayhem? Look how neat and tidy this closet organization hack is!

Set up your shelves closer than you normally would – shoes don’t need that much space. Then coordinate the pairs by color and style for a perfect upmarket boutique look.

21. Pegboard Accessory Holder

pegboard accessory holder

Source: @theoldrivernest

Pegboards are a girl’s best friend! Especially if you have loads of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, scarves and caps. Well, who doesn’t?

Install a pegboard at the back of your closet and hang up all your accessories. You can make a standard pegboard even more versatile by buying a set of assorted pegboard hooks and small pegboard bins like this.

22. Belt Drawer

belt drawer

Source: @life_simplified_by_shannon

Belts are some of the trickiest accessories to store! Get smart and allocate a dedicated belt drawer in your closet.

Wrap the belts up like you are taming wild snakes, who needs a fashion showdown with a tangled belt? Now, you can add that finishing touch to any outfit in a minute.

23. Clear Shoe Boxes

clear shoe boxes

Source: @sageorganizingco

My last life-changing closet hack is for sole collectors. Stackable clear shoe boxes like these give you loads more space to .. buy more shoes!

Stack them on a shelf in your closet and you can easily see every pair that you own. You can even coordinate them by color and style for the perfect finish to your shoe-shelf masterpiece.

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