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16 Amazing Ways To Organize Your Closet

The closet is just one of those places that gets messy all the time. These organizing hacks will help you organize closets easier.

Nothing beats the overwhelming feeling you get, knowing you’ve got for yourself a clean, organized closet.

And who doesn’t crave a nicely laid closet? Not me!

A well-arranged wardrobe would not only help organize and simplify your morning routine; it offers you enough space for some new shoes and clothes. That’s like everyone’s ‘closet wish.’

Amazing Ways To Organize Your Closet

So many people wish they had some tricks to put their closet in top shape – I once did, too. Not anymore though.

Do you still fantasize about a dope closet organization? Here are some great ideas you could steal.

1. Plan Your Castoffs

Plan Your Castoffs


Are you planning on cleaning out your closet? First, think of who you’d be giving out the castoffs to.

You may feel a bit more relieved knowing exactly where your stuff is going. So, support charities instead of just throwing all your clothes away.

2. Use Plastic Boxes with Labels

organize closet with labels

If your closet is small like mine and you’ve got no drawer space, organize your bras, socks, undies, belts, tights, and more with plastic boxes.

I simply applied the labels, which you can get just below. Print them out and use simple stick glue to get them onto the boxes.

Once you have the boxes labeled, it’s very easy just to pull out the box that you need, get your undies or bras out, and put them back on.

Using the vertical space in your closet will allow you to pack in way more clothes without the sense of mess!

Here is what the labels look like. I include empty ones, so you can just write whatever it is that you need on them. They’re super easy to print, cut out and glue to whatever! It won’t damage the surfaces 🙂

You can download them for free below. Just add in your information. I’ll send the labels straight into your inbox immediately. 🙂

3. Hang Strategically

closet hanger


It’s easy to throw up your clothes on the hangers – carelessly. We don’t even give it a thought.

Of course, this is one thing that keeps your closet in a mess. So here’s the hack: to ensure your stuff is sectioned off, hang your tops, skirts, and blouses, over built-in shelves.

Pants and long dresses could hang on the part of the closet bar where there are no fittings beneath.

4. Ever Considered a Boot Organizer?

Boot Organizer

Credit: Pinterest

If there’s one item that easily ruins your organized-closet goal, that’s most likely your boots. Just a little touch can get those long footwear toppled over.

So, I recommend you get a boot organizer. The organizer is designed to accommodate as many as five boot pairs in a vertical order.

This creates room for five boots in one boot’s space. Great if you have a small bedroom and not a lot of storage.

Get more small bedroom storage ideas here.

5. Get Hangers With Hooks

Hangers With Hooks

Credit: Pinterest

With their open and slim nature, these hangers are the best tools to store pants, decently, in your closet. You can get them here.

The unique design makes it easy for you to grab a cloth off the rack, as you dress up in the mornings. Also, they give you an opportunity to use the vertical space in your wardrobe.

That’s super important if you don’t have a lot of space and want to organize a small bedroom.

6. Do You Own Wicker Baskets?

Wicker Baskets

Credit: Pinterest

You probably do, if you don’t you can get some here. Yes, we all use the wicker storage baskets to keep those junk at bay.

Don’t you think placing them on your open-shelves would add some stylish appearance to your closet?

Most interesting is that these baskets come surprisingly cheap. And on top of all of that, they really help you to keep sheets, pillowcases, accessories, and underwear organized.

7. Get Your Purses on Shower Hooks

Shower Hooks


Did you know shower hooks could come handy for hanging up your handbags and wallets on your closet’s hanger rod? Trust me; it does the work pretty much perfect.

This hack doesn’t only help to create space in your wardrobe; it also protects the bag’s handles from misshapen. These hooks are great for all types of accessories.

You can get some here.

8. Don’t Waste Your Wall Space

wall hangers


Rather than putting up belts, scarves, and related items on hangers and packing up valuable space on the bar, this trick may help.

Install a towel bar on that unused space of your wall, and design a personalized outlook for your accessories. You can install one on the doors too.

And if you hang a basket or two, you can even store the smaller accessories or other school necessities.

Towel bars aren’t that expensive and you can get one (or more) here. You might also want to consider buying a towel bar with a basket on top of it like this one here.

As always, you can just attach the basket-like this one here yourself.

9. Occupy the Entire Room

organized closet


If you lack space in your closet, no worries. You could turn your entire room space into your closet.

Intriguing right? Well, that makes your clothes and shoes have the whole room, all to themselves.

My usual tips are to install bars on your doors, get vertical organizers like these ones here. You could also always sew up your own organizer to increase the storage!

10. Use Built-ins


Credit: Pinterest

Perhaps you already have good-enough space for your shoes and clothes; sadly, your accessories are left ‘homeless.’

Built-in drawers are your best bet. They are most fit for storing your jewelry, scarves, and sunglasses.

Depending on the size of your drawers, it might make sense to get drawer organizers.

11. Raise Your Closet Rods Higher

Closet Rods


This idea may sound ridiculous – until tried. Taking the bar higher helps to create more space for other fittings and items underneath your clothes.

This way, a shoe rack or dresser can still find their way under your hung dresses.

12. Add a Bar to Double Space

bar in closet

Credit: Pinterest

Do you need more space in your compact room to hang up your stuff? That’s a cakewalk: simply hang up another rod – above the existing bar.

Do you need more space in your compact room to hang up your stuff? That’s a cakewalk: simply hang up another rod – above the existing bar.

For optimal versatility, opt for a design with hooks.

13. Your Door Can Take Your Shoes

door shoe hanger


One thing we love about high heels is the ease of storage. Their fittings to this storage hack make it seem as though the hills are designed for the hack.

Fix rails on the inner part of the door to save storage space. Trust – your shoes would be just fine there.

Here is a lovely door shoe rack you can try. But, you don’t have to store the shoes only.

You might as well use a basket hanging storage like this one here and store accessories.

14. Arrange Your Top Shelf

top shelf organizer


This will give home decor lovers some feelings for self-dividers. These organizers come real handy in storing stuff in their categories.

At the same time, this will prevent piled clothes from tripping over. You can get a few shelf dividers here.

15. Be Thoughtful of the Way You Organize Clothes

organize your clothes


To make your arrangement easier, you may have to set up your closet to reflect your preferred wardrobe structure.

For instance, when selecting a dress for an outing, what primarily informs your decision? Weather condition?

The event? Or the type of garment? 

Use this format to separate your closet into sections.

16. Stagger Shoes

Stagger Shoes


Did you know your shoes consume less space when the right and left of a pair face opposite directions? This is as simple as it sounds.

But, you’ll be surprised how much space you can save.


Tuesday 22nd of November 2022

What boot organizer did you use? I really like it.

Mary-Beth Smith

Thursday 11th of August 2022

Love the idea of placing my bras, undies, socks, etc in bins and putting them in the closet. This way I can utilize the dresser drawers for placing all my earrings, necklaces, etc. Running out today to get more bins for the unmentionables! Thank you!

Karo @

Saturday 13th of August 2022

I am so glad, Mary! ;)


Friday 10th of June 2022

I love your ideas,i need some for my craft iteams in my walk in closet

Toya Turner

Thursday 28th of October 2021

I use wire hangers and organize by color. Short sleeve together and long sleeve. All coats are on wooden hangers